October 5, 2016
Can You Drink Your Way To Health And Slimness With A Juice Cleanse Diet?

If you're reading this, chances are you're probably contemplating going on a Juice Cleanse Diet and wanted to see just what it was all about. Guess what? You're not alone. In 2013, the Juice Cleanse Diet was Google's second most searched for diet and continues to top the list. This diet's adherents include celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Julia Stiles, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Salma Hayek is such an advocate that she has even started her own juicing company, Cooler Cleanse.

Just to be clear, the Juice Cleanse Diet is different from the Master Cleanse Diet. With the Master Cleanse Diet, also referred to as the Lemonade Diet, you are on a 10-day liquid-only plan, which many nutritionists and doctors have deemed dangerous. Based on a book in 1976 called The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs, you are essentially starving yourself by drinking water mixed with lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne and consuming no solid foods whatsoever. Cardiologist Isadore Rosenfeld has stated that this can be extremely damaging to the heart if done too often.

"A crash diet once won't hurt your heart. But crash dieting repeatedly increases the risk of heart attack."
So, if you're thinking about starting a diet based around juicing, it's best to stay on the safe side without going to such extremes.

With the Juice Cleanse Diet, you are consuming juice made from fresh vegetables and fruits and are only advised to do it for three days at a time at the very most. And as with all diets, especially fasts or detoxes, it is wise to check with your doctor before you begin to make certain that you don't have any underlying health issues that you're unaware of. So, are you ready to learn more now? Great, jump aboard.

Juice Cleanse Diet Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama making smoothies with students in 2015 at Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School. [Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

What makes someone think about going on a juice cleanse? New York City dietitian Stephanie Middleberg suggests this happens to us when we're feeling extremely tired and lacking in energy.

"Many people turn to cleanses because they feel off. They're bloated and sluggish, dependent on caffeine and junk food cravings or breaking out. When you eliminate toxins from your system, your entire body feels better and reacts both internally and externally."
While many doctors have stated that our bodies already have natural detoxifiers that are built into us and we don't actually require any detoxing, a juice cleanse won't hurt us and we know now not to expect it to have long-lasting weight loss effects.

One positive point to a juice cleanse is that once we are doing it, we are much more likely to look at our bad habits revolving around food and start to seriously think about our daily diets and what we would normally put into our bodies. Once the cleanse is over and we are feeling refreshed again, we will probably begin new habits in order to keep feeling good.

Two things those considering going on a Juice Cleanse Diet will want to be aware of. As you will not be getting your normal sodium intake, you are likely to feel lightheaded. And when you're fasting and not consuming enough carbohydrates, you may also experience a woozy feeling. This is because our brains would normally be using glucose as its energy source. Without glucose from carbohydrates, your brain may turn to ketones instead, which is what gives you a slightly "off" feeling, similar to when you drink alcohol.

Fresh fruit on display at Whole Foods and Perfect for a Juice Cleanse Diet.
Fresh fruit on display at Whole Foods and Perfect for a Juice Cleanse Diet. [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Once you begin juicing, you will start to lose water weight. This is because there is water that is stored in your muscles along with glycogen and when you consume a diet that is quite low in calories, your body will begin to use its storage of glycogen which will also cause you to lose water weight. Once you have completed your cleanse, you will probably find that it takes less food than usual to fill you up. Feeling fuller faster will help you to continue eating healthy, even after you are off your fast.

Another wonderful thing about a juice cleanse is that you are introducing more vegetables and fruits into your diet than you would probably normally consume. It is recommended that we have five to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet, but most of us aren't getting anywhere close to this amount. If you are juicing with fresh organic vegetables and fruit, you will probably be able to achieve the recommended amount.

Have you ever been on a Juice Cleanse Diet? What did you think of it and would you do it again?

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