‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: America Takes Complete Control Of ‘BBOTT’ House, Dictates Eviction

Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers now include the first evicted houseguest. The BBOTT house had its first Eviction Ceremony on Wednesday night (Oct. 5), showing just how much power America has this season. As viewers saw on the CBS live feeds, it was Cornbread Ligon who got evicted first. The reason it is so noteworthy is that America chose Cornbread as a nominee for Week 1.

The Head of Household for Week 1 was Monte Masongill and he blatantly targeted Jason Roy for eviction. When it came time to choose two targets for eviction, he went with Jason and Danielle Lickey. America then voted on who the third nominee should be, selecting Cornbread Ligon. When Jason won the Power of Veto, Monte chose Kryssie Ridolfi as the replacement nominee. Then on Wednesday night, Cornbread got evicted by a 9-1 vote, sending him out the front door in a huff that included cussing out the 12 remaining houseguests.

Another moment that is very noteworthy among the Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers is who decided to throw a wrench into things with a vote against Danielle Lickey. When Alex Willett had her opportunity to vote, she told the Diary Room camera that it was time to bring some paranoia into the BBOTT house. She voted against Danielle, making it the only vote that didn’t go against Cornbread. On the live feeds, Danielle could be seen acting very surprised and trying to ask the cameras (America) why she wasn’t liked.

America voted against Cornbread, following up the decision to make him the third nominee for eviction in Week 1. America got its nominee out of the BBOTT house, showing that the viewers do indeed have a lot more control over the game than in the past. This could certainly steer the show toward an outcome that the subscribers want to see, including a final two that might be more entertaining to the viewers than during past seasons. That won’t take place for nine more weeks, though, as there are still 12 houseguests left competing for the $250,000 prize.

There are going to be even more Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers over the next 48 hours, including who wins the Week 2 Head of Household competition, who they decide to protect in the Safety Ceremony, and who America targets to become the third nominee. That voting process, by having subscribers vote online, has certainly made the fall installment of the reality competition show much more involved than in the past. Having the direct opportunity to impact the game and succeeding in doing that during Week 1 could end up drawing more viewers to show in Week 2.

Once the HOH competition is completed on Wednesday evening, there will be a bit of down time until the first Care Package arrives on Friday, October 7. After that, the Safety Ceremony will be on October 8, the nominations on October 9, and then the Power of Veto Competition on October 10. There is a lot of action that is going to play out on the live feeds, giving fans a whole new set of Big Brother: Over The Top spoilers to enjoy. Expect the BBOTT to see added drama after Monte Masongill saw his HOH reign completely fall apart in Week 1.

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[Featured Image by CBS]