Hurricane Matthew God’s Wrath? Christian Extremists Claim He’s Punishing Sodomites [Video]

As Hurricane Matthew churns slowly through the Caribbean, leaving a path of death and destruction in its massive wake, some people are publicly claiming that the monstrous storm is the result of God’s wrath. Hurricane Matthew has already killed over a dozen people in Haiti, and that death toll is expected to rise.


Hundreds of thousands of Americans are evacuating their home along the southeast coast of the country as Hurricane Matthew moves into striking range of the U.S., and it is possible that states from Florida to North Carolina (and perhaps even further north) could be hit with devastating damage from the Category 4 behemoth, reports CNN.

While much of the coastal southeast braces for impact, with many residents boarding up their homes and businesses and filling sandbags in preparation for Hurricane Matthew, some Americans are being a little less than helpful with their words and actions. According to reports, some Christian extremists are publicly calling Hurricane Matthew “God’s will,” even adding that the storm is God’s retribution for the “sin of sodomy” in the United States.

As Patheos reports, many Christian extremists have taken the (somewhat predictable) stance of blaming God’s wrath and the homosexual community for the destructive force of Hurricane Matthew. Rather than turn their eyes to the most likely culprit, man-made climate change, some Americans find it more appropriate to seek and share archaic theories regarding the origin of Hurricane Matthew.


As Shoebat, a widely-known anti-gay website mostly frequented by Christian extremists, reports, cities such as Orlando are being targeted by the wrath and will of God in the form of Hurricane Matthew. The hurricane is currently the biggest and strongest Atlantic storm in roughly 10 years, and Shoebat reports that experts are perplexed by Hurricane Matthew’s shape and strengthening. Apparently, that means that it is the result of God’s wrath rather than simple nature.

“A HUGE blob seen on the east side of Hurricane Matthew has baffled tropical storm experts around the world.

“As the hurricane heads over the Atlantic towards Haiti, satellite images clearly show the eye of the hurricane on the storm’s west side.

“But another large blob-like shape on the east side of Hurricane Matthew has caused confusion among meteorologists and cyclone experts.”

Further, Hurricane Matthew is purported to be a sign of God’s will and “His anger” over America’s tolerance of homosexuality within the nation’s borders.

“While not all bad weather is necessarily a sign of sin, both sacred scripture and sacred tradition clearly note that it can be so. Now we know that Florida is an area that is infected with sin, especially cities such as Miami and Orlando, which are veritable dens of sodomy.”


While it may seem hateful and cruel to declare a deadly and potentially utterly devastating hurricane to be God’s will, especially when millions of innocent people remain in its line of sight, this isn’t the first time that American Christian extremists have cited the vengeance of God as the cause of a terrible hurricane.

Back in 2005, some of the same people calling Hurricane Matthew “God’s will” and His wrath were saying the same thing about Hurricane Katrina. Before and after Katrina cut a swath through gulf coast states and devastated New Orleans, reports Media Matters, certain extremists were blaming the massive hurricane on God’s will and His desire to punish America for a plethora of perceived sins, ranging from homosexuality to legalized abortion.

Some of the right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding the origin and purpose of Hurricane Matthew seem to have sprung up after a few people noticed the storm’s unusual shape. Many people have come forward to claim that the hurricane looks just like a human skull.


Other observers have remarked that the image of Hurricane Matthew reminds them more of a gorilla than a human skull and speculated that the storm could be the revenge of Harambe rather than the wrath of God.


Still other Christian extremists seem to believe that Hurricane Matthew is somehow political and a sign that Donald Trump should be the next POTUS.

So, what do you think? Is it possible that hundreds of climate change scientists are correct? Could global warming be spawning more severe weather and changes of weather patterns around the globe? Or is it more likely that Hurricane Matthew is the manifestation of God’s wrath and the result of homosexuality and/or Hillary Clinton?

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