Man Finds Real Mermaid Washed Up On Shore, Fishy Find Has Some Doubting Its Authenticity [Video]

A man claims to have found a real mermaid decaying on the sand in Norfolk Beach. The amazing discovery was recorded, in an effort to document the experience.

Paul Jones posted photos to his Facebook account, hoping to share the discovery with the Internet. So far, the post has had almost 10,000 comments, 21,000 shares, and nearly 5,000 likes.

Excited by his find, he could not wait to express his excitement.

“Today at Great Yarmouth we found what looks like a dead Mermaid washed up on the beach.”

Metro described the image of the mermaid, claiming the half-human, half-fish, was in fairly good condition, despite the obvious decay and missing portions of its mid-section; probably snacked on by fish in the sea.

Despite the clear pictures of the mermaid and the video to accompany the find, there are those that are skeptical of the discovery, claiming it is just a seal that is so badly decomposed that it looks human in form. The area is known for its large colonies of seals, so the idea of a dead seal washed up on the beach is not too far fetched.

Despite the skeptics, many are convinced that Jones found a real mermaid, claiming the mermaid creature looks too real to be a fake. The way the body moves in the wind, the proportions of the creature, and the detail of the internal structure that is exposed, would be nearly impossible to fake, according to many.

According to the Daily Mail, mermaids have been reported since as early as 586 A.D., making them one of the oldest cryptids known to man.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

If the mermaid turns out to be real, the discovery could lead to new oceanic ventures to discover live mermaids and other unknown creatures of the deep, such as the Loch Ness Monster. In addition, a refreshed vigor to hunt land based cryptids, such as big foot may also see a rise in participants.

Cryptids, such as mermaids and big foot, are often featured in the media as bystanders claim to come across them in the wild. Most images and videos of the creatures reveal fuzzy images that show little detail to provide solid proof of their existence. However, the images and video posted by Paul Jones are some of the clearest examples of a mermaid that have surfaced yet.

The mermaid’s detail reveals quite a bit about the creature. There are no arms, although it may be possible that they were eaten by fish in the sea. The tail seems to be mostly intact and the fin is also mostly there. The head is decayed, but there is enough left to reveal a human-like skull and face. The mid-section, however, has been mostly devoured by sea-life, revealing internal organs and some human-like bone structure.

The evidence seems to point to the discovery that mermaids are real.

Or, is all of the detail too good to be true?

Some have found something fishy with the imagery and video of the mermaid. With so much of the mermaid picked at by sea life, some wonder why the tail is intact. They believe the fin would be mostly gone; a snack for the smaller fish that might have followed the mermaid to shore.

Others have found a revealing detail on Paul Jone’s Facebook page. It seems that, according to his profile, he enjoys a hobby of creating creepy models and is a member of the “Horror and Halloween DIY” Facebook page.

What are your thoughts, is it real or a hoax?

[Featured Image by Alex Pix/Shutterstock]