Mother Of Hanged Boy Demands ‘Justice For Her Child,’ Urges A Stop To Bullying

An 11-year-old boy was bullied on the school playground in Beckfoot Upper Heaton in Bradford, West Yorkshire, just hours before hanging himself in his bedroom.

Asad Kahn was found by his mother, but it was too late to save his life. He was rushed to the hospital, but died shortly after. Just a little earlier, he told her that he wanted to change schools.

Asad Kahn’s mother, Farheen Jan, was devastated as she saw the horrific state her son was in.

Police launched an investigation into Kahn’s death, asking teachers, neighbors, and schoolmates about the incident, hoping to find a reason he would kill himself. The answers they discovered are both shocking and horrifying.

A young boy that went to school with Kahn revealed that just hours prior to his suicide, a group of older boys were beating him up on the playground. The incident was observed around lunchtime at the school, according to Metro. The witness’ aunt, Asama Javed, commented on the incident, stating that the boys were observed hitting Asad. She also claimed that there was a video forcing Asad to lay on the ground as other kids jumped on him.

Javed states that Asad’s mother is not doing well after finding her son hanging in his room. She is teaming up with Asad’s mother in hopes to identify the bullies and bring her son’s death to justice. She hopes the incident will prevent further bullying at the school, as well as other schools as the news spreads.

“These things need to be investigated and I am going to raise this with the school. I am not saying that any person is to blame for what happened, but if we can learn lessons from this tragedy to identify where we can help vulnerable children, we must do so.”

Asad’s mother took to social media, begging for witnesses of his bullying to come forward with information leading to the identity of those that tortured her son to the point of believing suicide was the answer, according to the BBC.

“If your child witnessed my child getting bullied please come forward.”

Detective Alan Flynn is leading the investigation and is overwhelmed at the amount of information that has been received in regard to the ongoing bullying that was directed at Asad.

“We are looking for information from the community and we are setting up a specialist email address for the public so they can provide any information or evidence, including visual, that could assist us in understanding what has occurred.”

A witness claims to have reported the incident to a teacher that was monitoring the playground activities. It is claimed that she replied that the situation would be dealt with on Friday. Asad hanged himself on Wednesday.

Although the school has not replied in detail about the situation, they have expressed their sympathy to the family and Asad’s friends.

School officials reported that they have heard the bullying rumors, and that the bullying may be the cause to Asad’s suicidal hanging. However, they have not confirmed the reports, nor do they claim the school is a hostile environment for students. Instead, they claim the community is one of happiness and acceptance.

“Asad was a lovely boy who had made a great impression… in the few weeks since term began. This school community is a happy one.”

The investigation is ongoing and it is expected that the individuals that bullied Asad will be punished appropriately.

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