WWE News: Odds Of Dolph Ziggler Leaving WWE Go Up With New Tweets

The rumors of Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE have never fired up like this before. After all, the “Show-Off” did put his WWE career on the line in his upcoming Intercontinental Championship match against The Miz at No Mercy, and these “loser leaves town” matches have often been a good way for wrestling bookers to end a competitor’s tenure with a company. Many have been whispering behind the scenes that Ziggler will lose to defending champion Miz at No Mercy on Sunday, and those whispers seem to be getting even louder, what with Dolph having posted a few mysterious tweets on his official Twitter account.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing talk of Dolph Ziggler and how he may be leaving WWE once his current contract is up. Ironically, these rumors started swirling just as he was enjoying a return to relevance; after last year’s “love quadrangle” feud that also involved Lana, Rusev, and Summer Rae, and this year’s poorly-received feud with Baron Corbin, Ziggler had established himself as a title contender once again. And while he wasn’t successful in his WWE World title match against Dean Ambrose and his first Intercontinental title match against The Miz, many fans hoped that these matches would lead to better things for the Show-Off. But his recent social media activity has only fanned the flame of those WWE exit rumors.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ziggler shared photos of himself posing with two of his closest friends in the WWE; interviewer Renee Young and referee Charles Robinson. In particular, he had thanked Robinson for “all the fun matches” he had officiated, and while that seems to tease Dolph Ziggler leaving the promotion he had worked for since 2004, none of the wrestler’s tweets had hinted that as much as two others he had posted on Wednesday afternoon.


In one of those tweets, Ziggler had announced that effective October 10, all his bookings would be done through Luber Roklin Entertainment, as opposed to WWE. This was in response to a Twitter user’s question, where he asked the 36-year-old wrestler if he wants to attend the New York Comic-Con, which takes place from October 6 to 9. As No Mercy takes place on October 9, this does seem to suggest Ziggler’s tenure with the sports entertainment giant would indeed be coming to an end after he presumably loses to The Miz. But that wasn’t the only revealing sign from this afternoon that Dolph Ziggler may be leaving WWE in a few days’ time.


The above tweet came a few minutes after Ziggler made another cryptic declaration, stating that he’s “moving some money around” so that heavy metal band Motley Crue could play their song “All Bad Things” as Ziggler’s entrance music at No Mercy. The song’s memorable refrain – “It’s been a damn good life / this ain’t farewell, it’s goodbye / It’s been a hell of a ride” likewise suggests that that may be Dolph’s way of saying goodbye to his WWE fans. It also bears mentioning that “All Bad Things” was the last single ever released by the Crue before they disbanded on New Year’s Eve of 2016, and their own swan song after over three decades as one of rock music’s top acts.

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All this adds to the growing body of evidence that Ziggler’s days in the WWE, at least as a wrestler, may be numbered. Still, there’s a chance that that might not be the case after all, even if it’s a small one based on what we’ve learned and heard so far.

According to Wrestling Inc‘s Raj Giri, wrestlers who tease their departure often end up doing the opposite; we’ve seen that in a few faux-retirement speeches, particularly Mark Henry’s memorable speech from 2013, and the more recent one in September from an ostensibly injured Sasha Banks. But based on all those earlier reports suggesting Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE in some way, shape, or form, there’s still a better chance he’ll lose to The Miz at No Mercy, though we hope that if he does, he remains connected to the company and works as a producer as rumored.

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