Are New Taylor Swift Songs Coming Soon?

Taylor Swift has had one heck of a year. Not only did she endure a breakup from Calvin Harris after 15 months of dating, but she also found new love with Tom Hiddleston, which was also followed by yet another breakup.

In addition to her ongoing relationship troubles, Taylor Swift has been involved in numerous feuds with celebrities, which surely gave the “Wildest Dreams” singer plenty of content for her upcoming album.

Although Taylor Swift has yet to release news of a new album, a new report has taken a guess at when her new songs will be released, and the suggested date is just weeks away. According to a report by Hollywood Life, the Washington Post believes October 23 could be the perfect date for Taylor Swift to drop her new album.

“It’s just one day before the 10-year anniversary of her first album, it’s a Sunday (the perfect time to drop a surprise album because it will dominate the news at the beginning of the week), it’s about two years after 1989 which follows her regular release schedule, and the numbers in the date make up Taylor’s fave number: 1+0+2+3+1+6=THIRTEEN,” Hollywood Life explained.

November 13 is also a possible release date, the outlet continued.

The Washington Post went on to reveal that this month marks the two-year anniversary from when Taylor Swift’s latest album dropped. It is also the 10-year anniversary of Swift’s very first album, which was released on October 24, 2006.

Months ago, a source claimed Taylor Swift was in the midst of creating her new album as her romance with Tom Hiddleston played out in the press. The source also revealed that Taylor Swift’s upcoming album would be a surprise.

“[Taylor Swift] is almost done with her next album,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life in July. “She wants to release it this year and she wants to do it Beyonce style. She wants to drop it completely out of nowhere! She’s intending to make it happen in the fall.”

“[Taylor Swift] is handling things well and she is working on music and writing lyrics down all the time especially since she has been involved in so many recent high profile news stories with Tom [Hiddleston] or Kanye [West] and even the Super Bowl speculation,” a source told Hollywood Life a short time later. “She has a lot of material to work off.”

Taylor Swift began dating Tom Hiddleston in June just weeks after her romance with Calvin Harris came to an end. Then, after months of traveling to all sorts of countries, including Australia, Italy, and the U.K., Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship came to an abrupt end weeks ago. Due to Taylor Swift’s frequent romances, she’s often been labeled as a man hopper but so far, since splitting from Hiddleston at the end of summer, Swift has remained single.

Aside from the love songs and breakup songs that fans could soon hear, Taylor Swift may also open up about her ongoing feuds with the likes of Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. However, fans will have to wait and see what Swift discloses in her new songs when her album hits stores.

Taylor Swift’s new album is “still a work in progress because when she puts something out she wants to fully support it with a tour and television appearances,” the source continued. “She is enjoying a little break so there is still some time for all of that.”

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]