Pregnant Brie Bella: ‘Total Bellas’ Is A Totally New Reality Show, Promises More Camera Time For Love Life And Family

Brie Bella is pregnant with her first child with husband Daniel Bryan. The WWE star sisters Brie and Nicki Bella are getting their own Total Divas spin-off reality show called Total Bellas and Brie Bella promises for it to be nothing like other reality shows.

The reality star promised the new reality series would dive deeper into the sisters’ personal lives, relationships, and families, according to an interview with The Wrap.

“It is a very different show, ‘Total Bellas’ is a deeper, more VIP look into our lives, relationships and families than ‘Total Divas.'”

Total Bellas ais on E! on Wednesday evening.

“You are going to see more of Daniel Bryan [Brie’s husband], more John Cena [Nikki’s boyfriend], and more of our family.”

While Total Divas has featured the Bella sisters involved in some drama with the other WWE Divas, Brie Bella ensures that Total Bellas will show off a totally new side of the sisters.

“When you have all of your family under one roof, drama always happens.”

“Bryan and I had our first fight when the cameras were rolling, which is something I don’t want to repeat.”

However, Brie Bella says that she and her husband have both admitted their faults once realizing they were wrong.

“We had to look back [at arguments] and think, ‘Oh my God, I really was wrong!'”

Regardless, Bella says that filming with her family just comes naturally and she claims that the show will be nothing like its network predecessor, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Not only do we have natural chemistry, but these are real situations for us, you have real passions for these people. I want the best for them, so these real emotions that come out.”

“It is more like ‘Newlyweds’ or ‘The Osbournes’ with the comedy. But is [still] very different because of our career choices.”

Brie has been very understanding of her husband’s need to be away from the camera at times, having not been used to filming a reality series.

Key plot lines for the series’ first season include Nicki’s return to the ring after a serious neck surgery, Brie coping with her retirement from the ring, and the sisters’ mom getting married… to a wrestler.

Brie Bell has also recently announced that she was pregnant, so this could be a potential plotline as well.

She and her husband Daniel Bryan’s first baby together is due in Spring 2017.

The couple aren’t sure what the sex of the baby is yet.


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During an interview with E!, Brie said that she would definitely consider getting back in the ring and wrestling again one day.

“I think when I have my first child…whenever that is, I would love to make a comeback to that ring. I think it would be awesome to actually be the real momma Bella.”

Brie and Nicki recently appeared on another E! reality series, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. The medium revealed that either Brie or Nikki would be welcoming a baby within the next two years. It looks like he was right.

Watch the full clip for the series below.

Total Bellas premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on E!

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for MTV]