Blink-182: Tom DeLonge Had Band Considering A Name Change, Former Guitarist Releases New Book

Philip Trapp

Were chart-topping pop-punkers Blink-182 considering a name change after founding guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band? Blink bassist Mark Hoppus recently shed some light on the band's moniker mulling while the alien-chasing, bygone Blink member DeLonge released his brand new book, Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl, on Tuesday, October 4. Indeed, it would indeed be strange times should Blink-182 choose to go by another name.

Blink-182 released their seventh studio album, California, earlier this year. The anticipated comeback effort was their first recorded work with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba in the place of former guitarist and vocalist DeLonge. Meanwhile, the Blink-less Tom has been hard at work on his Strange Times book series; The Ghost in the Girl follows last year's graphic novel from DeLonge, Strange Times: The Curse of Superstition Mountain.

"We talked about it, but we really felt like this is Blink-182, and we really kept true to the spirit of what the band is. Matt is a new player coming in, and he's really stepped up to a very difficult challenge in a really classy manner, stepping into some difficult shoes to fill, and being respectful of that, but also standing up for himself, and making a name for himself in the band. It's a delicate situation, and I think he's done really well."

Blink-182's Tom DeLonge told Alternative Press more about his recent work, The Ghost in the Girl.

"This is a story reflecting some of the peripheral moments in my life. Of a suburban kid who grew up breaking rules, getting kicked out of high school, and obsessively looking for the more unusual and imaginative experiences that this world has to offer."

Much ballyhoo was made in the press over the last few years concerning Tom's disinterest in performing with Blink-182. Reportedly, the band awaited DeLonge's return to Blink studio sessions on numerous occasions before finally offering the guitarist position to Skiba. DeLonge's last work with the group, 2012's Dogs Eating Dogs EP, was self-released by Blink and flew mostly under the radar of mainstream music outlets.

While both the Blink camp and Mr. DeLonge are currently keeping their options open for a future reunion, contention among Tom, Hoppus, and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker appears to be preventing a reconciliation from happening anytime soon. To wit, Tom insists that he never quit Blink and that the band simply carried on without him. Blink-182 asserts they had no choice in recording a new album without the founding Blinker.

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