Tanner Tolbert’s Sister Kara Joins New Reality Show ‘Catching Kelce’

Tonight it is time for a new reality series called Catching Kelce to air on E!. Fifty different women will have the chance to win the heart of Travis Kelce. There is a woman from every state. It turns out that one of these women already knows a lot about reality television and finding love on TV. Tanner Tolbert of Bachelor in Paradise found love with Jade Roper and later married her on television. His sister Kara is actually joining this new series to try and find love for herself just like her brother did on television.
E! Online shared a preview for the premiere episode of Catching Kelce that will air tonight with Tanner Tolbert’s sister on it. In this clip, the girls get the chance to tell Travis a bit about themselves, but they only get sixty seconds to do it. Kara Tolbert will be there, and she has on a shirt showing she is from Kansas.

When Kara Tolbert shows up, the first thing she will do is give him a hug. Kara Tolbert is a gorgeous brunette. She tells him that her brother just got married on The Bachelor, but during the preview, you don’t hear Kara explaining that her brother is Tanner Tolbert. It is obvious that Travis like it when she says that she knows this kind of show works. She feels like this gives her an advantage.


The show Catching Kelce also has an Instagram page where they shared a bit about Kara Tolbert. On this page, they shared a picture of her along with some information. Kara is 26-years-old, and she works as a fitness model. Kara actually got matching tattoos on a date, which makes her more like Grant and Lace than her brother, but that may be the only way she is like them. She also used to be a professional ballerina. Kara does look like a great match for Travis, but only time will tell if they can make it work or not. Tanner may have to help his sister decide if she makes it to the end.


Kara Tolbert also has her own Instagram page, which is still up. Some people take them down during reality shows, but Kara didn’t. Tolbert shared that she will be recapping the show. She has also shared pictures of herself out running and having a good time. Kara didn’t let out any spoilers about if she finds love on the show or is with someone else already after it. Hopefully, Kara Tolbert makes it past night one and gets her chance at love on reality television.

If you love Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper, you are going to want to get to know his sister Kara. The thing is Jade and Tanner are also on their own reality show starting this week. They will be on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which will start airing on Friday night on WEtv. This show always brings on a few couples with really bad marriage problems and a few that just have some issues that need to be worked on. Jade and Tanner are not the first couple from Bachelor Nation to do this show and probably won’t be the last either. It is a great week for watching the Tolbert’s on television.

Are you shocked to hear that Tanner Tolbert’s sister is on the new reality show Catching Kelce? Do you think that Kara Tolbert has a chance to find love on reality television? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Tanner’s sister Kara on Catching Kelce on Wednesday nights on E!. The premiere is 90 minutes long.

[Featured Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for WE tv]