WWE News: Jamie Noble Reveals More Details On Road Rage Stabbing

Last week, WWE producer Jamie Noble was brutally stabbed by several men as he was returning to his home at the Shadowood mobile home park in West Virginia. But the former wrestler, who had briefly returned to the ring in 2014 as one of Seth Rollins’ bodyguards, is now in better shape and was ready on Tuesday to share additional details on the stabbing that led to his hospitalization.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on Tuesday that Noble, per his Facebook account, had suffered a collapsed lung from the stabbing. While the report suggests that Noble was in the wrong for accidentally cutting one of the attackers’ cars off the road, he was genuinely apologetic and may have been impaired by work-related fatigue at the time.

“I was viciously attacked in my front yard,” Noble related. “One coward got out of the car saying I pushed him off the road. I immediately apologize because I was on the road all week and just that night alone I got off work Tuesday night and drove from Cleveland to Princeton so I could have been tired and drifted over the yellow line.”


Noble added that after he offered a second apology to the man, the driver remained irate, exiting his vehicle and throwing a punch. The WWE official was able to defend himself successfully, taking the man to the ground after he took a second swing. But when two other men emerged from the car, he found himself outnumbered three-to-one against a group of knife-wielding individuals. Noble said that one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed him through the back, with the blade hitting his lung in the process. He still attempted to defend himself, and while the men tried cutting his throat, Noble luckily avoided a life-threatening situation by “(getting) them to miss the throat.” The second stab wound went through the 39-year-old Noble’s shoulder instead.

With Noble having suffered two stab wounds at that time, his girlfriend ran out of their house and was able to break things up. Noble was then hospitalized, and Pro Wrestling Sheet quotes him as saying he had to undergo surgery to prevent his lungs from filling up with blood. After four days of “trying to get (his lungs) working again,” Noble said that he’s “getting a little better every day” and is optimistic that he’ll be back to health in due time.

Prior to the incident, Jamie Noble was last seen on WWE television in March of 2016 as one of several backstage workers who broke up a fight between Roman Reigns and Triple H. From late 2014 to 2015, he and fellow producer/semi-retired wrestler Joey Mercury played a prominent onscreen role as “J&J Security,” Seth Rollins’ incompetent bodyguards and lackeys. The comedic and oftentimes entertaining nature of Noble and Mercury’s roles brought them back to the attention of WWE fans, though they both quietly returned to backstage work after they were eventually written out of storylines.


Noble also posted a plea on his Facebook account asking his friends and family for assistance in bringing his attackers to justice. He also offered cash rewards to anyone who could provide information on the men involved in the stabbing.

“I need help from my FB family, I need you to share this with everyone you can. Somebody knows something, or heard something, saw something that can help me get these criminals because the law isn’t going to. Please ask, listen, anything that can help me just get one name. Just one. This could have been my 63 year old dad or my 16 year old boy … can you even imagine that???? I can’t. I’ll also pay $200 for a name and if it turns out legit I’ll give you another $500 cash. Please share this with every friend you have and (help) me get a name.”

The past few days have been particularly dangerous for professional wrestlers. In a chilling coincidence, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio (aka Alberto el Patron) was involved in another stabbing incident just a few days after Noble was attacked. The Inquisitr reported that this was the reason Del Rio had missed an AAA show in his native Mexico, and while Del Rio’s attacker has yet to be arrested, the wrestler is now in good condition after the incident.

In the meantime, here’s hoping Jamie Noble continues to make a successful recovery from his injuries and that his attackers are soon identified and arrested for the stabbing.

[Featured Image by Miguel Discart | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA.2.0]