James Van Der Beek Says He Knows The Reason Behind Police Violence, And Why It’s Easy To Have ‘Zero Sympathy’ For Justin Bieber

James Van der Beek has revealed his opinion that police officers spend an inadequate time on people training, according to TMZ. The 39-year-old actor, who is no stranger to training with police for film roles, explained why police officers are prone to violence.

James Van der Beek told a TMZ reporter that cops spend too much time training with guns and don’t pay enough attention to understating how to deal with the community. And there have been way too many people unjustifiably shot by cops in the United States over the past few years.

When James Van der Beek was asked to share his thoughts about police violence, the TMZ reporter was referring to the Dallas shooting, which made headlines in July this year. But just several days after the interview, there was a new police shooting in America.

That could mean that the problem of police violence in the United States is a serious issue in the country. And James Van der Beek, who trained with cops for his roles in CSI and Labor Day, says police are prone to violence because they spend the better half of police training with guns.

James Van der Beek’s words couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Last month, violent protests erupted in Charlotte, North Caroline, after police killed Keith Lamont Scott, an African-American, whom the victim’s family claim was reading a book in his vehicle when cops decided to shoot him, according to CNN.

But Police Chief Kerr Putney denies the claim, saying that Scott was armed, and there was no book at the scene at the time of the shooting. Putney added that the police officer fired his gun after Scott turned down multiple demands to put down his weapon.

But James Van der Beek not only wants to reduce gun violence in the United States but also help Justin Bieber’s fans to get their selfies with their idol, according to People magazine. The actor shared an Instagram post in which he said he could fully understand Bieber’s decision to stop taking selfies with his fans.

In the late 90s, James Van der Beek was enjoying the height of his popularity similar to Justin Bieber’s popularity today. And the 90’s teenage girls went crazy for his photos just like today’s teenagers obsess over Bieber’s pictures and music videos.

So James Van der Beek sure knows what Bieber is currently going through, but he warns the “Sorry” singer how his decision to stop taking pictures might affect his fans. In the Instagram post, the Dawson’s Creek actor shared a photo of his “intellectual fisherman” disguise that he used not to be recognized on the streets.

James Van der Beek recalled that without that funny disguise, he felt like “a circus animal,” and he felt like “people didn’t give a sh*t about me as a human being” as all they wanted was to take selfies with him.

“I remember thinking all they wanted was a pic and wouldn’t care if I got hit by a bus afterward. I felt all that. I get it.”

Then James Van der Beek went on to share the advice he once received from Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie’s estranged father and an Oscar winner.

“Here’s the deal: You’re able to make somebody very happy by doing something very simple. And that’s a gift. And that’s all it is.”

James Van der Beek also said that in no way should people call Bieber “a selfish a**hole” even though it’s easy to have “zero sympathy” for a “famous rich kid” who refuses to take selfies with “excited little girls.

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