Teresa Giudice Says Jacqueline Laurita Is Too Much Work: ‘I Wasn’t Afraid Of Her At All’

Teresa Giudice went to Vermont with Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, and the group of ladies in hopes of having a relaxing weekend. While away, Teresa revealed that she had just two weeks left with her husband before he turned himself in to serve over three years in prison. One can imagine she wanted to spend some time with him, even though he was stressed out, panicking, and drinking a lot more. Giudice decided to go with Melissa on the trip in hopes of having fun, but Jacqueline Laurita quickly ruined the mood for the ladies.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is now revealing that she feels she has given Jacqueline enough chances to prove herself. Shortly after returning home from prison, Teresa went to Laurita’s home for dinner but ended up walking out, because she called her a criminal. Clearly, Laurita couldn’t stop thinking about the past, which kept them in a dark place. Teresa wanted to move on, so when Jacqueline brought up the issue once again in Vermont, Giudice just about had it. Now, she doesn’t really trust her former friend’s intentions.

“Once again, when Jacqueline didn’t like the way things were going, she got really vicious and went right for the jugular with me and with Melissa. She didn’t like that Melissa didn’t take her side, so she hit way below the belt, just like she did at the beginning of the season when she invited me and Joe over that night. Who acts like that?” Teresa Giudice reveals on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

During the dinner, things got heated, and Jacqueline even got out of her seat to really yell at Giudice. She was clearly very frustrated with her former friend in regards to everything that had happened between them and wanted to get her point across. Sadly, she didn’t get the reaction she wanted from Teresa Giudice, and some people were wondering if Giudice was scared of Jacqueline because she literally lost her cool.

“People asked me if I was afraid of her when she was screaming and spitting across the table. I wasn’t afraid of her at all! I was kind of laughing at her. She looked ridiculous. What I really didn’t like is that Jacqueline dredged up painful memories of things that happened a long time ago that took years to mend. What kind of friend does that?” Teresa Giudice reveals on her blog, adding, “I feel like Jacqueline ruined the trip for everyone.”


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Of course, Teresa has been very open and honest about her time behind bars. She’s even written a book about it. However, Giudice now reveals that people may not completely understand everything she has been through and what she’s going through with her husband behind bars. Teresa is looking for support, not criticism from the people around her, and many viewers feel that she should drop Laurita altogether.

“I don’t think anyone really understands what I’ve gone through in this past year — and am still going through with my husband away. It has been really difficult, to say the least,” Teresa Giudice explains on her blog, sharing that she doesn’t have time to devote hours or weekends to friendships that are so tough and time-consuming. “I have too many other things going on. I’m a single mother to four daughters. I also help take care of my parents, who are elderly and whose health is fragile.”

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s priorities? Do you think she should drop Jacqueline as a friend and just move on with the friendships that don’t require much energy and time?

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