Meghan King Edmonds’ Baby Due Date: Why Is This ‘RHOC’ Star Still Flying?

Meghan King Edmonds is currently seven months pregnant, and she has revealed that her due date is in November. She’s expecting to give birth near the end of November, as she still has about two months left of her pregnancy. King Edmonds has been keeping up with her busy schedule, especially when it comes to travel and appearances. Despite being seven months pregnant, King Edmonds traveled to New York to hang out with Carole Radziwill from The Real Housewives of New York and even film a segment for Watch What Happens Live.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds isn’t too concerned when it comes to flying during her pregnancy. Meghan has gotten some advice from her doctor, and it sounds like her doctor isn’t too concerned about her traveling across the country so late in her pregnancy. So when someone asked her about the consequences of traveling while pregnant, she had an interesting answer.

“How can you be traveling a lot when your pregnant?” one person questioned Meghan, who is currently seven months pregnant, to which King Edmonds replied in a joking manner, “Let’s see. You call a car, show id, get on plane, get off plane. It’s really the same as when ur not pregnant.”

Some airlines reserve the right to reject you if they feel you are too pregnant to fly. Some airlines will write on their website that they don’t want to take you on their planes if you are over 32 weeks pregnant. It is possible that women can start labor on a plane and can give birth while in the air. Surely, this isn’t something Meghan King Edmonds wants to do, and she may slow down on her travels as she gets closer to her November due date.

“For someone who says they faints so much u fly alot. High altitudes increases fainting in those prone to it,” one person wrote to Meghan, who replied with, “Yep I faint more w altitude. I’ve fainted several times on planes. Doesn’t stop me. Fainting won’t kill me, just sucks.”


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When Meghan read through the comments, she realized that some people might be trying to make her feel bad about flying. One person tried to point out the danger of flying, because of the amount of radiation. But it sounds like King Edmonds has already done her research.

“Except for the amount of radiation you are exposed to,” one person pointed out, to which Meghan King Edmonds replied, “from what? I don’t go through the X-ray machine, but that doesn’t emit radiation anyway.”

“I’ve heard some docs advise against flying in early preg via IVF bc or pressure. Mine said I was fine,” King Edmonds added to those who are questioning her decisions.

Airlines in the United States may tell her that she can’t board the plane when she gets closer to her due date. On the American Airlines’ website, the company advises women not to travel a month before the baby is due, which means that this could indeed be King Edmonds’ last trip.

“Please note that travel is not advised within 30 days of your due date. If you need to travel within 30 days of your baby’s due date, you will need to visit your doctor 48 hours or less prior to your flight to obtain written certification that you are medically fit for flying. The certificate will need to be presented at check-in,” reads American Airlines’ guidelines for pregnant women, who are traveling.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds traveling to New York at seven months pregnant? Do you think Meghan should take it easy and stay behind in Orange County until her due date?

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