Nick Carter’s Stroller Pushing Cardio Workouts, And Working With Stan Lee To Produce More Backstreet Boys Action Figures

Nick Carter, the former 90s heartthrob and member of the Backstreet Boys, had earned the status of a handsome teen idol who was arguably the cutest member of the best-selling boy band that enthralled fans in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Like many of his counterparts who were young, rich, and famous, Nick Carter has experienced drugs, alcohol, and failed romantic relationships. Before settling down and marrying fitness trainer Lauren Kitt, the “Shape of My Heart” singer had romantic liaisons with celebrities like Willa Ford and Paris Hilton.

Additionally, Nick Carter has been refreshingly frank about his struggles with alcohol addiction, even admitting to being a drug addict while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, the former 90s heartthrob has always proven his ability to turn his life around by adopting an active approach. The singer has always viewed his life’s positive events as triggers that will motivate him to better himself.

So naturally, the birth of his son, Odin Reign, in April of 2016 prompted Nick Carter to swing into action and prepare himself to work on the ninth studio album by the Backstreet Boys. Recently, the vocal group had announced that the members were working on their ninth album by teaming up with producer Jay Cash. The Backstreet Boys’ upcoming album was scheduled for a May release, but its launch was delayed without the exact reason being divulged to their waiting fans.

According to CNN, the Backstreet Boys haven’t released an album since 2013, and fans are undoubtedly thrilled to see their favorite 90s boy band reuniting to record an album after a long hiatus.

It seems that Nick Carter is already preparing himself for the album’s big release by getting in shape ahead of time. The “Larger Than Life” singer has already embarked on a fitness regime and has delighted in sharing his workout details with his fans by posting photos and videos on Instagram.

And what better way for a new father to get in shape than to simulate cardio exercises while walking and pushing Odin’s stroller. According to the International Business Times, Nick Carter joked about how he is burning calories by pushing the stroller.

“Trying to get back into #boyband shape with my little buddy for our next #backstreetboys album and tour. Pushing a stroller is crazy cardio lol.”

It appears that Nick Carter may have found the perfect way to achieve a balance between his desire to spend time with his new son and his commitment to his fitness routine.

The singer’s penchant for physical fitness can be clearly attributed to the band’s glorious years when the band members teamed with Stan Lee, the Marvel comic book writer, who had helped to create the Backstreet Project. As a part of the project, the group launched comic book merchandise that portrayed the band members as crime-fighting singers. As a co-writer of the project, Nick Carter was depicted as a martial artist and singer in the comic books based on the boy band.

Later, Nick Carter’s crime fighting character was also molded into plastic figurines, which were made available in Burger King restaurants as a part of their kids’ menu. Recently, the Backstreet Boys members expressed their wishes to launch the merchandise range once again. According to the Huffington Post, A.J. McLean, another member of the Backstreet Boys, spoke about how he and Nick Carter are striving to re-collaborate with Stan Lee.

“It’s funny, Nick and I actually talked with Stan Lee not that long ago just to brainstorm about possibly working together again somewhere down the road. So that would be pretty awesome if we get to do that again.”

Even though it is still not confirmed, the collaboration of the Backstreet Boys with Stan Lee is sure to excite the new generation of children, as well as fans of Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys who used to collect the original set of action figures. There are undoubtedly many fans who have still treasured Nick Carter’s plastic figurines that they had bought as kids.

The popularity of the Backstreet Project clearly highlights the relevance that Nick Carter and his other band members are enjoying even today. Apart from working on the Backstreet Project, the former heartthrob has also tried to put his writing skills to the test by scripting Dead 7, a western zombie movie that featured Nick Carter along with his bandmates A. J. McLean and Howie Dorough along with other former 90s boy band members who were once in competition with the Backstreet Boys.

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]