Taylor Swift Dating Prince Harry? Country Star Could Become A Princess If Rumors Are True

Taylor Swift's dating life has been a public whirlwind for the past few months. Though the pop star recently had a major breakup with actor Tom Hiddleston, it appears that she's ready to move on to her next romance.

iTech Post has recently reported Taylor Swift allegedly has her eye on Prince Harry. The "Bad Blood" singer has been rumored to be wanting to become a princess. If Swift ends up dating the royal, perhaps they'll have a happily ever after and the Nashville singer will finally have her dream come true. While this would be good news for Prince Harry and Taylor Swift, not everyone in the royal family is keen on this prospect, claims iTech Post.

Taylor Swift dating Prince Harry would be a nightmare for Duchess Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. When the queen first heard that Taylor Swift was trying to make her way into the royal family, she was allegedly unhappy with the news.

While Taylor Swift is interested in pursuing a romance with Prince Harry, she lacks the proper connections to get ahold of the royal. Still, the pop star is supposedly hoping that singer Ellie Goulding will bridge that gap between her and Prince Harry, explained iTech Post.

Taylor Swift dating Prince Harry would be a dream come true for the singer. An unknown source close to the singer told the online publication that the pop star not only has a fascination with British men, but is willing to do anything to coordinate a date with the royal.

"Taylor wants to impress Harry with her lavish lifestyle and has even offered to fly him to L.A. on her private jet. If Harry's schedule is too hectic, she'll happily fly to London for a date."
Prince Harry and Taylor Swift might not be able to get the happy ending they would like. Queen Elizabeth supposedly has her reasoning as to why the two shouldn't date. Not only is the pop star notorious for her rough and very public breakups, but the queen is reportedly fearful that her grandson will become the subject of another one of Swift's power ballads.

Taylor Swift dating Prince Harry would anger the queen. A source close to the monarch said Queen Elizabeth "does not fancy the idea" of their romance, reported iTech Post. Fans of the "Bad Blood" singer also seem to be confused by Swift's antics. While one would think Taylor Swift should take a break from the dating scene, she appears to be doing quite the opposite.

Taylor Swift's dating life has been anything but smooth, lately. Though the pop star and her former DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris, were together for a year, their romance ended on what appeared to be extraordinarily bad terms. While Harris and Swift were already having a rough breakup, things only got stickier when the pop star's representative allegedly said that she contributed to Harris' "This is What You Came For." In response, Calvin Harris apparently took to Twitter to share his side of the story. According to iTech Post, the DJ claimed that Swift wanted to keep her contribution "a secret in the first place."

Though Taylor Swift dated Tom Hiddleston after breaking up with Calvin Harris, her romance with the actor died out pretty quickly. While Swift is navigating being single, Harris seems to have moved on. The DJ has been rumored to be dating singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Still, there has also been conflicting reports that Harris and Taylor Swift are on friendly terms and texting each other again.

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