‘Incomprehensible Crime’: Benjamin Taylor Accused Of Violently Raping 9-Month-Old, Baby Reportedly Brain Dead

According to law enforcement, what 32-year-old Benjamin Taylor did was an “incomprehensible crime,” and the “worst case of sexual assault they have seen” in over 20 years. Indeed, Benjamin Taylor has been accused of committing every parent’s worst nightmare, and his alleged actions the stuff of nightmares and unbelievable to most. Police claim that Taylor sexually assaulted and violently beat his girlfriend’s 9-month-old daughter, and now according to a GoFundMe page, that baby girl is reportedly brain dead and likely soon to be removed from life support following her tragic ordeal.

Her family has reported that she has “very little chance” of ever waking up.

As The Intermountain reports, Benjamin Taylor’s incomprehensible crime allegedly took place in West Virginia, in the early morning hours of October 3. That’s when, just before 5:00 a.m., the frantic mother of a 9-month-old baby called 911 to report that she’d walked in on the unthinkable. She’s reportedly found her boyfriend, Benjamin Taylor, in the midst of an incomprehensible crime when she found him in the basement of her home along with her baby daughter. The baby had reportedly been brutalized by Taylor, who is not the little girl’s father.


Jackson County Police and first responders arrived at the scene of the horrific crime soon thereafter, and what they saw shocked and horrified even the department’s most seasoned and experienced veteran officers. According to emergency medical personnel, the 9-month-old baby was not breathing and unresponsive when help arrived. She and Benjamin Taylor were both bloody, with the baby having suffered injuries consistent with a sexual assault, as well as having been either violently shaken and/or her face beaten by her alleged attacker.

Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs reported that the baby girl’s body temperature was already cooling when she was found, and it was only roughly 90 degrees. She had reportedly bled “excessively,” and first responders also reportedly found bloody linens and clothing near Benjamin Taylor and the tiny victim.

“‘Truthfully, I don’t know that any of us can really comprehend a crime of this nature. Not only is it the worst I’ve seen or encountered, it’s as bad as anything I’ve ever heard of.'”


After an initial investigation of the scene of the incomprehensible crime, Benjamin Taylor was arrested just a few hours later on Monday afternoon. He has been charged with first-degree assault in connection with the injuries sustained by his girlfriend’s 9-month-old baby daughter. According to police, the child’s mother had been sleeping when the alleged sexual assault occurred. At some point, she awoke to find her baby and her boyfriend in the basement and called authorities immediately.

Following the discovery of the incomprehensible crime, Benjamin Taylor was ultimately incarcerated in West Virginia’s South Central Regional Jail. His 9-month-old alleged victim wasn’t so lucky, and she was immediately hospitalized in extremely critical condition. However, her condition has reportedly deteriorated since the attack. According to the GoFundMe page reportedly created by her mother’s sister, the family has not received any good news since the unthinkable crime against the little girl was discovered. At this point, the victim is believed to be brain dead, according to her family. Further tests to confirm that diagnosis are reportedly expected later today (Wednesday).


Investigators have reported that Benjamin Taylor hasn’t denied committing the incomprehensible crime, a crime that has now lead to his alleged victim’s likely brain death. However, he has attempted to evade personal responsibility for his alleged actions by claiming to have “blacked out” and to have no memory of how the 9-month-old baby’s catastrophic injuries occurred. However, investigators seem to have a fairly good idea how the baby was hurt.

“We’re adamantly convinced there was a sexual assault that took place between a gentleman in his mid to late 20’s against a nine and a half month old baby girl.”

incomprehensible crime
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According to law enforcement, Benjamin Taylor’s body was streaked with blood when the arrived at the scene. Police also report that Taylor was seen trying “wipe something away from his groin area” as he was taken into custody for the incomprehensible crime. He claimed to have brought the brutalized baby to the basement to “do laundry.”

The family of the sexually assaulted 9-month-old has raised over $12,000 to help with the baby’s medical and other expenses, reports WVMetroNews. As for Benjamin Taylor, he is currently being held on $2 million bond, and it is likely he will face additional charges should his alleged victim pass away as a result of the incomprehensible crime committed on October 3.

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