Ryan Phillippe Loves Coffee As Much As Partying, Why Reese Witherspoon Wants To Restrict His Time With The Kids

Ryan Phillippe is undoubtedly Hollywood’s foremost coffee aficionado, which may come as a surprise to many of his fans who have known him as a celebrity who loves to party hard. In fact, Just Jared reports that the Lincoln Lawyer actor was recently seen leaving the Hyde Lounge, a famous Hollywood hotspot, along with his fiancee, Paulina Slagter, after partying hard on a Friday night.

Previously, the couple was spotted on vacation together in Miami, enjoying a champagne party in a popular nightclub. Despite his hard-partying ways, Ryan Phillippe has revealed that he sometimes prefers to have a cup of coffee instead of a glass of champagne to relax his senses.

Being a coffee lover, the Gosford Park actor is known to grab every opportunity he can to enjoy an excellent coffee. There have been a number of occasions when the Cruel Intentions actor has been spotted coming out of a popular Beverly Hills coffee shop while holding a cup of coffee to have his much-needed caffeine fix during busy times.

Earlier, Ryan Phillippe was seeing hitting a Starbuck’s coffee shop when the viewer ratings of Secrets and Lies, an ABC television series, peaked in 2015. Secrets and Lies featured Ryan Phillippe in the role of a decorator who is charged with the murder of a young boy.

Earlier this year, the actor cooled down with his friends in a Starbucks coffee shop located in the Mount Pinos area when the premiere of Shooter, his upcoming television series, was postponed in the wake of the Baton Rouge shootings. Scheduled to play the lead role in Shooter, which is based on Point of Impact, a novel by Stephen Hunter, Ryan Phillippe plays a Vietnam War sniper who is falsely implicated in an assassination attempt.

According to Just Jared, Ryan Phillippe suffered from cabin fever while staying in Mount Pinos, so he had to relieve his anxiety by enjoying iced drinks in the Starbucks coffee shop. Most recently, the actor was spotted enjoying a coffee while coming out of Brew Haha! Coffeehouse, located at Powder Mill Square in Delaware. Later, Ryan Phillippe posted a message on his social media accounts that credited Brew Haha! as being his favorite coffee spot, which he always visits on his way to the airport. Interestingly, Ryan has also been spotted hanging out in coffee shops with ex-girlfriend Abbie Cornish.

Ryan Phillippe’s short-term romantic interests might have enjoyed dates with the Flags of Our Fathers star over a cup of coffee. However, it is Reese Witherspoon, Ryan’s former wife, who truly shares his passion for coffee. In fact, Witherspoon is a self-confessed coffee addict who recently revealed that her present husband is concerned about her addiction to caffeine. According to News Australia, Ryan Phillippe was married to Witherspoon from 1999 to 2007 before they decided to end their marriage in what was claimed to be an amicable split.

The pair still seems to be on good terms with each, and the Catch Hell star is frequently seen enjoying time spent with Deacon and Ava, the couple’s two children. According to another Just Jared article, Ryan Phillippe and his 12-year-old son, Deacon, recently enjoyed a movie night together.

Despite her amicable separation from her ex-husband, Reese Witherspoon has been reported to be very protective of her children, as the actress does not wish Deacon and Ava to be influenced by their father’s hard-partying ways. Earlier, during a drinks party at Coachella Music Festival, Ryan Phillippe was reportedly heard criticizing Reese for not wanting to have him in her life.

It is still not confirmed whether things have indeed turned sour between the two former spouses, but fans can only hope that the two maintain their comfortable relationship with each other, if only for the sake of the children.

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]