‘The Voice’ Season 11: Is Miley Cyrus Bringing Ratings Down?

The Voice Season 11 appears to be taking a fall in the ratings, and some fans are blaming new judge Miley Cyrus.

According to Headline Planet, last month’s Season 11 premiere of the NBC singing show “was down slightly from the previous two season openers,” as the site revealed that the September 19 The Voice premiere episode pulled in around 12 million viewers, more than 1.33 million fewer viewers than Season 9 and around 370,000 less than Season 10.

TV By The Numbers then revealed this week that the October 3 instalment of the blind audition rounds didn’t fare much better in comparison to last season’s numbers, reporting that the episode garnered around 11.78 million viewers, whereas last season’s equivalent episode was watched by closer to 13.53 million viewers.

Some fans have flocked to Twitter to offer up an explanation for The Voice’s recent ratings decline, pointing the finger pretty squarely at Miley.

“Even WITH the 200% effort they put into promotion and the Miley Cyrus hype, it STILL couldn’t help the ratings. LOL,” Twitter user @CHARLOTTTESKING claimed, while other users tweeted that they were boycotting all upcoming episodes due to Miley’s involvement.

Twitter user @doctoratempest wrote on October 3, “boycott any show with vulgar Miley – she will have much explaining to do to her child! Reap what you sow” and @IrelandRichards tweeted of Cyrus, “asked my grandma if she was watching the voice and she said no because she is boycotting Miley.”

“.@adamlevine #TheVoice love you, but you HAVE to know the ratings are gonna drop dramatically because of Miley!” Twitter user @Betkita2009 then told Cyrus’s fellow judge Adam Levine.

Other disgruntled social media even directed fans to an online petition to let those behind the scenes know that some fans aren’t exactly happy with Miley being on the show.

“Sign the petition spread the word,” social media user @KasumiNinja tweeted out on October 4 alongside a link to a petition titled “Just Say NO to Miley Cyrus on The Voice,” urging fans not tune into the current episodes.

“Show @hamdon16671 and @MarkBurnettTV [you] won’t watch ratings drop #boycottthevoice,” the Twitter user added amid the Cyrus boycott.

The boycott Miley petition, which was set up after Cyrus was first announced a new coach alongside Alicia Keys, has so far failed to reach 500 signatures, but urges The Voice fans to boycott Season 11 and not to watch Miley turn the family friendly show into a “sexual circus.”

“After a disgusting promotional photo of Miley Cyrus mimicking oral sex on a judge buzzer, sexually exploiting women by such a poor role model for women,” the petitioner wrote in the boycott Miley petition’s description, “I’ve decided to not partake in watching this season at all.”

The petitioner then urged other The Voice fans to join them in the boycott, encouraging viewers to become former viewers and turn off the series in protest of Cyrus’s hiring. “Join me and let NBC and The Voice know that we don’t want our beloved family show turned into a Sexual Circus!” the petitioner continued of Cyrus. “I will not watch this show again if she is on it.”

Miley is yet to respond to the boycott backlash surrounding her gig on The Voice, though, if her social media pages are anything to go by, it looks like Cyrus isn’t letting the drama get to her.

Cyrus has been live tweeting along with The Voice‘s most recent blind auditions and making it pretty clear to her more than 30 million Twitter followers that she’s been having a pretty good time on the show, completing her team during the October 4 instalment of blind auditions by winning over Josette Diaz.

“There it is! My first team is full and I’m sooooo happy that it was you to fill it, Josette!” Miley tweeted out after completing her The Voice team. “You’re amazing #VoiceBlinds.”

Do you think Miley Cyrus is to blame for the drop in ratings for Season 11 of NBC’s The Voice?

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