Jenelle Evans’ Twitter Is Killing Her Confidence: Calls Her Fans ‘Conceited’ After Backlash

Jenelle Evans is probably one of the most hated Teen Mom stars in the show’s history. While she hasn’t said or done anything in regards to the fans specifically, she has made some terrible decisions in the past that have made people question her as a person and as a mother. When Jace was just a few months old, Jenelle decided to sign over the custodial rights to her mother as she could take care of him better than she could. In addition, Evans’ mother could offer health insurance, which was something Jenelle didn’t have. Ever since then, things have gone downhill for Evans, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that she decided to change her life.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that her social media accounts may have something to do with the way things have turned out. Evans now realizes just how negative people are on her Twitter account, and she feels that her Teen Mom fans are too conceited. If this continues, Jenelle may stop sharing things on social media to keep the positive vibe alive in her life.

“People are too conceited these days. Shouldn’t have to look for the approval of others to know you’re pretty. Social media kills confidence,” Jenelle Evans tweeted this week, sharing that her highly active Twitter account may not be good for her self-confidence. One person agreed with her, writing back, “True. Kids lives now validated by likes and how many Facebook friends they have. Hope my daughter always knows her worth.”

Of course, Evans has made some bad decisions in her life, which may be causing people to be very critical of her. Not only did she abandon her first-born son, Jace, with her mother for the sake of dating, skipping school, breaking the law, and doing drugs, but she’s also expecting her third child with a third man. Plus, Evans has been seeking approval from many of her Twitter followers over the years, so some people believe she’s the pot calling the kettle black here.

“Once again, “that’s calling the kettle black, Jenelle” She’s being a hypocrite! She’s conceited!” one person pointed out on Twitter, to which another added, “says the woman who has had many plastic procedures done on her own body.”


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Evans doesn’t have to say or do much to get criticism on the social network. While she does have some supportive followers, there are plenty of people who want to bring her down. And there was a prime example this week, as Evans revealed that she was not a fan of frizzy hair. And this comment turned into a huge storm of criticism.

“I’m sorry I tweeted that I don’t like frizzy hair, sorry that upset a lot of you,” Jenelle Evans revealed this week after tweeting that she doesn’t like frizzy hair.

“Wow. Everyone likes to pick on you about everything. People need to get a life. I find myself telling these people off,” one person wrote in defense of Jenelle Evans, while another added, “she brings a lot of it on herself.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s because you were promoting ‘natural’ when there’s not much natural about you,” a third person wrote, and a fourth person added, “Side effect of so many lies, so much hypocrisy, and so many excuses / not taking responsibility for anything.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ comment that her Twitter account may be a bad influence in her life? Do you think she will tone down on her social media activity for the sake of her family and her unborn baby?

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