‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Theo Finally Get Revenge On Clyde?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here, and it looks like everything is coming to a head for the residents of Salem. As we know, Clyde, Orpheus and Xander broke free from jail to seek revenge on specific characters, and the residents of Salem haven’t been the same since then.

As we know, the terrible trio took Steve, and his ex Kayla, along with their son, Joey, hostage in their own home. Steve had left their teen son Joey alone with his mother Kayla, who was recovering from surgery. When Steve returned from his trip to the pharmacy, he discovered the two were being held hostage. Although he tried to remain calm, Steve took matters into his own hands, and wound up shot. Kayla and Steve have been on and off for years, and when Kayla saw that Steve was shot trying to save their family from a horrible situation, it might have given her some pause.

Days of Our Lives spoilers over at Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that an upcoming get together between John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla will spark a new purpose beyond just chatting it up. The group reminisces about their troubles with the evil Orpheus, but there’s more to this discussion. One fan theory is that this might lead to Kayla and Steve finally reuniting as a family once more after they realize that their flame for each other never really burnt out.

That said, this isn’t the only huge storyline connected to the terrible trio. The Inquisitr reported that Theo may be out to get blood after he watched his father, Abe, get shot at a press conference that was held about the jailbreak.

Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that Theo wants to seek revenge on Clyde after he set up a sniper across the street to take out his father during the press conference. As Abe’s health hangs in the balance, Theo is waiting for news on his father’s condition, and it sounds like this has given him plenty of time to think about a revenge plan. It’s no secret that Theo wants to finish Clyde off, and because of this Claire and Ciara have fears that Theo will put himself in a compromising position with the terrible trio. It’s said that this might lead to Theo becoming another hostage for the trio’s “evil plot.” As we know, the three have not finished carrying out their evil plan, as Joey is still in captivity.

Aside from the big plot involving the terrible trio, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that a huge question to come is whether or not Aiden will survive on Days of Our Lives, seeing as he’s up to no good yet again. The spoilers stated that Aiden’s plans are going off without a hitch, and he still plans on blackmailing Hope, since he’s still in love with her.

The Parent Herald reported as follows.

“In the coming days of “Days of Our Lives, Hope will break up with Rafe (Galen Gerin) but he will also be suspicious about the breakup which would lead to him confronting Aiden. However, Aiden who has a recorded confession of Rafe and Hope will also make Rafe obey Aiden as he does not have any choice.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that due to Aiden’s constant meddling, he may find himself on the opposite end of a gun.

Do you think Theo will finally get his revenge?

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