WWE News: Sasha Banks And Charlotte To Make WWE History By Having Women’s Title Rematch Inside Hell In A Cell

Both Charlotte and Sasha Banks made a bit of history on WWE RAW this past Monday night by being the second-ever one-on-one women’s match to be given the main event spot on the show. Clearly, fans loved this WWE RAW Women’s Championship match as it truly has been all anyone has spoken about in wrestling circles since Monday night. Even WWE SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan mentioned on the WWE Network show, Talking Smack, that he wanted Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss to try and top it. If they do at WWE No Mercy this Sunday, it could be awesome.

History has been made a good bit this year. Finn Balor won a World Title within his first month on the main roster, which hasn’t happened before. We also got a new world title, which is the title Balor won, called the WWE Universal Championship. WWE fans even got a small victory on RAW this past week by being called fans and not the WWE Universe. After all, we all know how stupid this was for the last number of years.

However, even more cool history could be made this month. WWE Hell in a Cell is coming up in a few weeks, and obviously, it’ll feature Hell in a Cell matches on the card. I know, shocking right? We, of course, already have one made in Rusev vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE United States Championship. Some believe we’ll eventually see Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens battle inside the cell for the WWE Universal Title as well.

Charlotte Dana Brooke RAW
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Another match that could be inside the cell is Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the WWE RAW Women’s Title. According to The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, the match is a big deal.

“I guess their match at the Hell in a Cell show is going to be a major thing on the show, because they’re going to be in Hell in a Cell.”

This obviously is big for a number of reasons. We, of course, get to see the first ever female Hell in a Cell match, which is a match fans have wanted to see for years. Of course, WWE did not have the talent to make this match really worth it over the years. The last time we did was at the height of the Trish Status and Lita rivalry, where fans were cool seeing just a regular hardcore match. We even saw the women compete inside a steel cage too.

That said, the Hell in a Cell match is not a stretch from these matches. However, it is much more dangerous in theory. Many have gone on top of the cage and have taken falls. WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley, who has a spectacular history in this match, went through the cell not once but twice in his matches. Oh, and he was also thrown off it too. Foley raised the bar in this match, and others have followed it up with some amazing HIAC matches.

Sasha Banks WrestleMania 32
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Shane McMahon even did a huge elbow drop off the top of the cage at WrestleMania 32 in a missing effort. Charlotte and Sasha Banks are obviously making history by just having the match, and if their history tells us anything, it is that they will give us a great show. However, as Dave pointed out, this could be a big part of the show. That very well could mean main event territory. It would be the first time ever that two women main evented the main roster PPV. Interestingly, this is around one year removed from the first ever female Ironman match that main evented a WWE NXT Takeover show. That match also involved Sasha Banks.

A main event match for the two of them is clearly a good idea, especially after seeing what they did on WWE RAW this past Monday. They have proven, if nothing else, that they are worth the investment. The worry is what could happen if things go wrong. Both girls will want to make this match so special that they may be willing to take more risks than they should. Both Charlotte and Sasha have taken very big risks in regular matches with each other. From Banks’ suicide dive and falls to Charlotte’s high-flying and sell material, both are going to try and steal the show.

They don’t have to try too hard, however, as fans are already invested in the two of them. In fact, most feel that the WWE RAW Women’s Championship feels more prestigious than any other title on the show right now. That says a lot when you have great workers in all the other divisions. However, this is not a minority opinion, and fans truly want to see this match happen.

It appears WWE will make it official in the next week, but whether it main events the show is yet to be known. Making history three times in one month is quite special, and WWE said if fans want something, they tell them. We want a main event Hell in a Cell match with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Let us see if WWE gives it to us.

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