‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Jerome May Get Off Scot-Free Once Again — Will She Ever Pay For Her Crimes?

Ava Jerome seems to be one hated person on General Hospital right now, and there are very good reasons for that lately. While Paul Hornsby is now locked up for killing people because of his daughter Susan, Ms. Jerome is still walking around free as a bird, despite the fact that she also has done some pretty dirty deeds herself. Paul could very well let everyone in on her dirty little secrets, but will he actually do that?

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Ava paid a visit to the former district attorney who has traded his expensive suits for a very stylish orange jumpsuit. She now has nothing to hang over Paul’s head in order for him to keep her out of jail. He has the tape that proves she killed Connie Falconeri, and now her life is in his hands at the moment. As spoilers posted by SheKnows Soaps says, Ava will end up dodging a bullet, which means that Paul will not be spilling the beans to Jordan after all.

Ava will most likely get off again, and this is making many General Hospital viewers angry that she has not yet paid for the very bad things she has done. Not only is she responsible for killing Connie, but she can also be considered an accomplice to Sabrina Santiago’s senseless murder. Ava knew that Paul Hornsby was the hospital serial killer, but instead of doing the right thing by going to the police with the info, she chose to blackmail him for her own selfish reasons. This meant that he was free to kill again, even though she encouraged Paul to turn himself in.

Of course, he ended up killing Sabrina and almost murdering Monica Quartermaine as well. Most viewers would agree that Ava Jerome should be held responsible for not telling his secret right away, which means that Sabrina would still be alive right now. Many fans are quite angry about this. However, they may be even angrier by Ava’s other dirty deed that she has gotten away with.

The fact that this mother-of-two has been switching Morgan Corinthos’ bipolar medications with placebo pills and getting away with it has been a hot topic lately. There have been plenty of viewers who are not happy at all with this storyline. It has certainly been painful to watch as Morgan goes on a downward spiral and losing control. Everyone has been watching him go from being a responsible guy who was well on his way to having his life turned around to seeing him become hopeless, angry, and reckless, all because of Ava Jerome thinking that is okay to mess around with his meds.

Paul and Ava are so much alike. They have both done bad things all for their daughters, but for different reasons. However, the DA is behind bars and will hopefully go to prison for the murders at General Hospital, but it looks like Ava will be getting off scot-free once again. Will she ever pay for the many crimes that she has committed?

It is doubtful that this will happen anytime soon, but if Sonny ever gets to the bottom of who is responsible for his son’s erratic behavior, Ava may not have to worry about any jail time. He will make sure that she pays his way.


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Spoilers from Soap Central say that Morgan is deteriorating quickly with his recent behavior. He has already been expelled from school and has gone off on Kiki. Now, he is about to make a pass at Nelle this week, which is bound to push Kiki further away. How far will Morgan go before someone figures out what is going on with him and possibly harm himself or someone else?

Are you tired of seeing Ava Jerome getting away with all that she has done, or do you find her antics entertaining? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if she will get what is coming to her.

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