‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood A Bad Mom? Ex Gary Shirley Fears For Daughter Leah’s Safety

Amber Portwood could be facing another custody battle with her daughter, Leah.

A new trailer for Teen Mom OG reveals just how worried Gary Shirley is about his daughter’s safety. Is Portwood’s boyfriend, Matt Baier, to blame for the drama?

In Touch Weekly reports that Shirley is concerned about Matt’s son, Chris, and his history with drug abuse.


In the trailer, Matt tells Portwood that they should allow Chris to move in because he vowed to never “abuse drugs again.

Later in the clip, Shirley told his wife, Kristina Anderson, that he doesn’t think Chris moving in is a good idea.

“Is there drugs there?” Shirley questions his wife. “What if it’s on a weekend when Leah’s there?”

Chris is living with Portwood and Matt after allegedly dumping his girlfriend, who is also pregnant.

Why did Matt invite Chris to live with him?

Matt, according to Radar Online, hopes to bond with his son wants to help him to stay out of trouble.

“I think we should offer him a place to stay and see if we could straighten him out,” Matt told Portwood in the trailer.

The only problem with Matt’s plan is that Chris is not his biggest fan.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood's boyfriend Matt Baier asked Farrah Abraham out first.

In fact, Chris previously shared how he thinks Matt is a “scumbag,” not to mention an “evil, evil man.”

Will Chris and Matt get along? Or will their history drive them further apart?

“I had no father figure in my life,” Chris stated. “I hate that man, for everything he is and isn’t.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Shirley has questioned Portwood’s parenting decisions.

Portwood’s poor parenting skills are well documented on Teen Mom OG, and Shirley recently told Portwood that she was unfit to drive her own daughter to school.

As fans will recall, Portwood lost full custody of Leah after she went to prison for possession of drugs. She recently reached an agreement for 50/50 custody, which could be in danger because of Matt.


According to The Stir, Matt’s latest decision to become Chris into his home might put his relationship with Portwood in jeopardy.

The couple’s relationship is not the greatest, and it’s actually surprising that they are still together in the first place. If Matt’s desire to have Chris live with them threatens Portwood’s custody of Leah, then there’s a good chance she will part ways and end the relationship.

Of course, Shirley’s concerns are well founded, especially considering Portwood’s history with drugs.

Portwood has a long history of substance abuse, and it’s probably not a good idea to introduce a former drug user to her life, especially when she is trying to raise her daughter in the best environment possible.

Despite her past struggles, Portwood would never intentionally hurt her daughter, but bringing in someone with a history of drug abuse isn’t the greatest move for a child.

Even if Chris is in a better place with his habit, it’s probably not a good time to take him in when there’s a kid in the home.

For now, it isn’t clear what will happen between Shirley and Portwood and whether or not he will attempt to take custody of Leah in the near future.

Given Portwood’s lack of parenting skills, it wouldn’t be hard for Shirley to gain full custody once again.

Hopefully, the two families can work things out and do whatever is best for Portwood’s daughter.

Whatever ends up happening, fans can rest assured that it will all unfold in front of the cameras as Season 6 continues.

Fans can watch the drama between Portwood and Matt unfold when new episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV. Check out the clip below where Amber finally admits she does not believe all of Matt’s lies.

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