‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Spoilers: What Can We Tell From The Promo For Chapter 4?

Tonight we’ll see American Horror Story: Roanoke Chapter 4 and will hopefully learn even more about a season that remains something of a mystery. Ryan Murphy and everyone associated with the show kept the season’s theme shrouded in secrecy leading up to the September 14 premiere. Even after three episodes we don’t know the full plan behind this year’s episodes, but each week we get a little closer. And each week we get a promo that serves as a tease for what’s to come on the next Wednesday night. Let’s see what we can tell from the latest American Horror Story promo.

By the looks of it, we’re going to see Shelby and Matt continue their argument about what she saw him doing in the woods in last week’s episode of American Horror Story. In case you missed it or have forgotten, she was understandably angry, to say the least, when she ran across Matt naked in the woods, having sex with Lady Gaga’s character while the locals watched. When Matt showed up at the end of the show, he said he didn’t remember it at all, and the real Matt confirmed this. In response, Shelby pulled a fight strategy from American Horror Story: Murder House and said, “Don’t gaslight me.” It appears as if the same argument continues this week as the promo shows Sarah Paulson/Shelby telling Cuba Gooding, Jr./Matt, “I saw you.”

We will also see the return of The Butcher, played by Kathy Bates, and her fellow colonists. Then Cricket chides Shelby and Matt for not keeping the promise they made to The Butcher in last week’s episode of American Horror Story. The one where they said that they would leave and burn the house to the ground. You know, the promise Matt made without talking to Shelby. But he may have been under Lady Gaga’s spell or something because it seemed to happen around the time he can’t remember.



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The next few shots of the latest American Horror Story promo are interesting. Tech Times has some good insights into what they might mean. First, we go to a shot of what appears to be the back of a little girl’s head with a bonnet on it. You might remember that before she disappeared, Flora said that her friend Priscilla liked bonnets, so maybe this is Priscilla. In that shot, she is looking at a tree with the word Croatoan carved into it.

In last week’s episode, Chapter 3 of American Horror Story: Roanoke, Cricket yelled the word Croatoan to get The Butcher’s spirit to leave the house. Tech Times suggests that maybe the shot of Priscilla in front of the tree that says Croatoan means that she took Flora to a safe place in the forest. But since Matt and Shelby haven’t left and burned the house down, they may not get her back, at least not yet. We also see Shelby back away from something while yelling “Croatoan.” Maybe The Butcher?

There is also another clip of the couple looking at MURDE painted in blood on one of the walls. Does this mean someone will die tonight?

One more interesting shot shows up in the promo for Chapter 4 of American Horror Story: Roanoke. It’s a shot of Lady Gaga toward the end. It’s quick, but it’s there. The few times we’ve seen her so far this year, she looks kind of crazy with wild eyes and a crazed look. This image, however, shows a calm, peaceful-looking Gaga, though. Who knows what that means.

Check out that promo for Chapter 4 below. And tune in FX at 10 p.m. ET tonight to see what happens.

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