‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 842: Sanji’s Wedding Halts Because The Vinsmoke Brothers Pummel Him While Nami Leaps To Luffy’s Rescue? [Spoilers]

The previous chapter of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece revealed the sad and traumatic past of Sanji. Chapter 842 of One Piece may finally reveal the culmination of Luffy D. Monkey and Commander Cracker’s long-winded and somewhat comical battle.

[Warning: One Piece Manga Chapter 841 spoilers and Chapter 842 speculations are ahead]

In the previous chapter, mangaka Eiichiro Oda offered an extended glimpse of Sanji’s childhood and how it was filled not only with physical abuse at the hands of his three brothers, Ichijii, Yonji, and Niji, but also the mental trauma meted out by his very own father, Judge Vimsmoke. Despite the hard time Sanji went through, the young boy never lost his human side and was determined to become a world-famous chef.


His trials and tribulations would fade into oblivion when he used to cook after borrowing a cookbook called All Blue, and utensils from the royal kitchen. Against the advice of the kitchen staff, Sanji would painstakingly prepare meals and struggle through storms to hand-deliver them to his ailing mother. In fact, it is his mother who inspired Sanji by appreciating his culinary skills, reported Manga Stream.


However, it was Sanji’s sister, Reiju, who aided his escape from the Vinsmoke castle. Unfortunately, Judge Vinsmoke had one last insult to hurl at poor Sanji. He informed his son that he was extremely disappointed in him and instructed Sanji never to identify himself as a Vinsmoke, reported The BitBag.


Fans are hopeful the upcoming Chapter 842 of One Piece could finally reveal the end of the battle between Luffy and Cracker, which has been raging on for 11 hours straight. Instead of combating the biscuit soldiers that Commander Cracker keeps generating, Luffy comes up with a novel, albeit risky idea of devouring them. It is apparent that Luffy intends to tire Cracker and then take him on. While this approach keeps Cracker away from Luffy, the latter fattens up to a point he starts resembling a large balloon.


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Luffy’s strength as well as flexibility is greatly reduced. It may even appear that he has underestimated the biscuit soldiers. But Luffy will manage to drain Cracker’s stamina. Luffy’s rubber affinity is the only thing keeping him from bursting. In the previous chapters it was revealed that Cracker isn’t as strong as he displays, and underneath all that armor, lies a rather weak warrior.


Fans speculate it might be Nami who steps in between the fight between Luffy and Commander Cracker right when the latter is weak. Nami might not be as strong as any of the Straw hat pirates, but if a situation calls for it, Nami can put up a fight. Nami has proven her abilities in the previous chapters, but she hasn’t been in any large battles or stood against a powerful enemy all by herself. Nonetheless, fans speculate she could activate her Mirage Tempo to defeat some of Cracker’s biscuit soldiers.

Meanwhile, back at the Whole Cake Island, Sanji’s brothers are back to their wicked ways and have once again pummelled their brother, just like they used to back when they were kids, reported Hall of Fame Magazine. Instead of being worried about his son’s well-being, Judge Vinsmoke is merely concerned that a badly bruised and bloodied Sanji will not make a handsome groom, and this might upset Big Mom and the Charlotte Clan.


While Sanji’s brothers attempt to chalk up his damaged physical structure to a “disciplining exercise,” it is Reiju who seizes the opportunity to try and delay the nuptials. She reasons with the Judge to delay the wedding as the time could be used to fix Sanji and make him presentable. However, given her compassion for Sanji, it is quite likely she is merely attempting to buy time.

Even if Reiju manages to steal a day, it could give Luffy and the Straw Hat gang enough time to finish their battles, and swoop in to halt the wedding.

Will Reiju manage to convince the cruel and vile Judge Vinsmoke to seek some time from Big Mom? Will Luffy subdue Cracker and manage to reach the wedding venue in time to halt the proceedings? Hopefully, Chapter 842 of One Piece will answer these questions.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga]