Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relaunched In South Korea: Battery Indicator Key Feature Of Safe Unit

Samsung has officially re-launched the controversial Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea as the company vows that the new batch of devices will no longer have battery issues that cause sudden ignition.

In a press release posted on the Samsung Newsroom, the Korean smartphone maker revealed its plans to start selling Galaxy Note 7 units all over the world after almost completing recall of the handsets launched in August.

Samsung has officially re-introduced the controversial smartphone to their home market in Korea where the recall of malfunctioning devices is already at 80 percent.

[Image by George Frey/Getty Images]

According to previous reports, Samsung suffered from the massive negative publicity after the company was forced to issue a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 because of reports of units burning up because of its faulty battery.

Samsung has since conducted damage control by issuing refunds and replacements as well as cooperating with consumer safety regulatory bodies that required them to conduct additional safety checks specifically with their battery supplier.

Even then, the company still received reports of replacement Note 7 units having overheating and battery drain issues that have since been corrected by a software update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relaunch

Now, the Korean company appears to be regaining its momentum with the Galaxy Note 7 selling out like pancakes in South Korea where users appear to be excited about its new features despite the previous battery hiccup.

In fact, according to Junghyun Kim, the manager of retailer Seoul-based Samsung D’light, revealed the specific features of the Galaxy Note 7 that caused a flood of consumers to their store.

“We found that many people are excited to check out the iris scanner, the new S Pen features, such as S Translator, and the camera.”

He also revealed that even those who have previously bought the faulty Galaxy Note 7 have opted to exchange their old unit with the same model despite the fact that they have the choice to ask for a different Samsung smartphone.

“Many existing Galaxy Note 7 users have already visited and exchanged their phones for a new Galaxy Note 7 or other Galaxy device, and more and more people are inquiring about purchasing the Galaxy Note 7.”

Indicators For Safe Galaxy Note 7 Units

While this definitely is good news for Samsung, the company still intends to ensure that consumers are aware of the condition of the products that they are purchasing and released information on how to check whether the handsets they bought are part of the new batch of Galaxy Note 7 phones.

“To help users enjoy their Galaxy Note7 with complete confidence, Samsung has implemented three specific software changes affecting the battery indication,” Samsung stated.

Galaxy Note 7 Safety Indicators
[Image by Samsung]

Among these features is a green battery icon shown on the Status Bar, Always On Display screen, and the Power Off prompt screen of the device as shown in the photo above.

Aside from that, users can verify if they indeed have the new batch of Galaxy Note 7 units by checking if there is a square symbol located on the label of the smartphone’s packaging.

Galaxy Note 7 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features a 5.7-inch curved QHD Super AMOLED screen which responds to both fingers and a stylus called the S-Pen which can do more than just writing on the device’s screen.

Another key specification that reportedly caused excitement among Samsung Galaxy consumers is the iris-scanning technology which is “one of the most foolproof ways to keep that information accessible only to you.”

Described as “the smartphone that thinks big,” the Galaxy Note 7 also boasts a Dual Pixel Sensor that allows users to capture clearer images, almost as clear as the ones seen by the naked eye.

It also has a massive 3,500 mAh battery for longer smartphone use and compatibility with other state-of-the-art Samsung devices such as the Samsung Gear 360 and Gear VR.

[Featured Image by Samsung]