Kim Kardashian Followed By Fake Cop Before $11 Million Heist, Police Closing In On Suspects [Video]

A video has emerged showing a grey Fiat 500 tailing Kim Kardashian as she left a Givenchy fashion house just hours before she was robbed of over $11 million in jewelry, Daily Mail is reporting.

In the video, the driver is seen desperately trying to keep up with the car carrying Kim and sister Kourtney. The driver smartly dressed and talking on the phone is seen jostling for road space with paparazzi on motorbikes trying to take pictures of the celebrities.

The photographers, who were less than impressed with the man’s driving skills and for trying to run them off them off the road, confronted him when Kim Kardashian and Kourtney entered an exclusive restaurant in the French capital, at which point the man introduced himself as a police officer.


According to investigators, the man also tried to enter the restaurant where Kim and Kourtney were dining but was turned away by staffers after failing to provide identification. Some photographers who followed the 35-year-old reality star from the restaurant back to her $17,000-per-night luxury apartment said they recognized the same man hanging outside with them for over two hours. They said he peered through the gate occasionally and was on his phone most of the time.

This new revelation is coming on the heels of French investigators who claim that the mother-of-two was tailed by a “Caucasian and North African” days before the robbery. According to an investigator, one man had posed as a plain-clothes detective, the other as a celebrity photographer.

“We know there was one man who pretended to be a photographer who followed the American celebrity on a motorbike to find her whereabouts. Another man pretended to be a plain-clothed detective to try to get a seat next to her at the restaurant Thursday night.”

The investigator pointed out that both men had mingled with the unsuspecting crowd to access “close surveillance” information that would have undoubtedly assisted the robbery.


“Both men were fakes. The photographer tried to listen in to the conversations by other snappers, but he was challenged by the genuine ones…the so-called policeman fled when staff at the restaurant asked to see his credentials.”

The men spoke with French accents and one of them had even tried to enter the Hotel Pourtales in the early morning hours of Monday. French police say they are suspects in the jewelry heist which had Kim Kardashian pleading that she was a mother and begging not to be killed, even as one of the masked men put a gun to her head.

She was eventually gagged, bound, and dumped in a marble bathtub.

Detectives say they have obtained the license plate of the Fiat 500 and laid hands on a photograph of one of the suspects. They believe the men are part of an extensive and highly professional criminal network, capable of selling flagged jewels and not getting caught.

Tight Security Outside Kim and Kanye's Apartment [Image by Andres Kudaaki/AP Images]

During initial investigations, no surveillance footage could be found showing the daring robbers entering and exiting the hotel. However, a “million-to-one” image recently obtained by police shows the armed gang creeping past a sleeping guard and escaping on rented bicycles.

The Bel Ange nail salon shares the same street as the Hotel Pourtales and even though the surveillance camera of the small business was not facing the hotel directly, a large mirror reflected an image of the masked robbers as they escaped. The footage is now in the hands of French police.

In the wake of Kim Kardashian’s robbery attack, her rapper-husband, Kanye West, is leaving no stone unturned to improve her security. West has hired a virtual security team whose previous clients include the White House, to “combat accidental leaks while using social media.”

The Yeezy fashion entrepreneur has also enlisted the services of body doubles to act as decoys and keep the movement of his 35-year-old wife under wraps when necessary.

[Featured Image by Lionel Cironneau/AP Images]