‘DWTS’ Couple Emma Slater And Sasha Farber To Tie The Knot [Video]

Dancing With the Stars just hit a new emotional high when Emma Slater and Sasha Farber took their romance to the next level. Previously, the Dancing With the Stars couple have shared their love story with fans and audiences, but knowing that the two were in love didn’t take away any of the surprise when Farber proposed to Slater. Now, as the two celebrate taking their love affair to the next level, Dancing With the Stars celebrities and fans react to the shock of watching that proposal live.

Dancing With The Stars Shares The Ultimate Love Story

The magical moment came on Tuesday night, during the Dancing With the Stars results presentation, when Emma and Sasha treated audiences to a steamy dance, according to E! News. As the couple performed, there could be no doubt that the dance was infused with the love that Slater and Farber shared, but, even so, what came immediately after the dance shocked everyone in the room.

Tom Bergeron stepped out on stage to honor the couple, but as he spoke, there could be no denying that he had planned something further with Mr. Farber.

“First of all, you guys have great chemistry,” DWTS host Tom Bergeron said. “And Sasha, I’ve always thought you had the potential to actually host so I’m going to give the show over to you.”

The dancer needed no further encouragement, as he again took the spotlight, turning to his partner in dance and in life.

“Baby, I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time. I love you so, so much,” he professed to Emma. “Will you marry me?”

With all eyes upon them, Slater couldn’t have been more put on the spot, but she didn’t keep Dancing With the Stars fans waiting for long. Her resounding “Yes” was accompanied by the release of streamers and confetti. Adding even greater depth to the already emotional proposal, Bruno Mars’ hit “Just the Way You Are” played from the Dancing With the Stars sound system.

Emma Slater Was Hoping For A Ring

As Fox News reveals, wedding bells had been on Slater’s mind well before Sasha took the plunge and proposed live on the air. In a September 27 interview, Ms. Slater opened up about her romance with her Dancing With the Stars co-star, Sasha Farber, and confessed that she felt Farber was definitely the one. At the time of the interview, Emma revealed that she was ready to get hitched and said that she has made her feelings known to Sasha in no uncertain terms.

“I would like to. I feel like it’s soon,” Slater said, when asked if she was ready to make a deeper commitment to her fellow Dancing With the Stars performer. “I’ve been hinting pretty heavily and if you tell all your girlfriends to go tell and him [that] I think I was ready for marriage now, then I think that’s a pretty strong hint. He probably gets it.”

While the DWTS couple hasn’t yet tied the knot, they have been sharing a home together, which is something that hasn’t come easily for either of them. Slater revealed that there has been a clashing of their individual styles, which is something they have finally been able to blend together.

“Redecorating with someone you’re with can be quite a tough decision because he likes everything modern and I like everything really traditional and English-y, cottagey, that kind of thing,” Ms. Slater said. “But we found our style and love it.”

While the pair may be partners off the dance floor, both Sasha and Emma are competing against each other on Dancing With the Stars this season. Slater has been paired with former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Farber is dancing with Terra Jole, who is the first little person to ever compete on DWTS.

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