‘American Horror Story’: Get Set For A Super Secret Season At Some Point In The Future

With the news that FX has renewed American Horror Story for a seventh season, there is also some super exciting news about Season 8. But, if you expect to find out all about it, then think again. The news is that Season 8 will be as closely guarded a secret as Season 6 was.

The creator of the American Horror Story franchise, Ryan Murphy, is keen to keep going with the super secret format that worked with the current season of AHS: Roanoke. Even right up until the premiere date of Season 6, viewers were unsure of what to expect. Speculation ran wild with fans predicting many varied themes. FX added to the excited confusion by releasing multiple teaser videos for Season 6 along with the announcement that only one of the videos was the correct one. Only one leak occurred during the whole filming of Season 6 with TMZ releasing onset shots a month before the premiere date. While some fans were frustrated with the lack of information about what to expect in the new season, for others, it just added to the excitement and mystique surrounding the entire American Horror Story franchise.

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Murphy seemed ready to reinvent the anthology genre he had already single-handedly brought back to the television medium. As he told Entertainment Weekly, he was bored with the current structure for TV show reveals and was ready to try something new.

“I was just sort of bored, and I wanted to reinvent the form. I wanted to do something smaller and intimate.”

And Roanoke is certainly more intimate compared to previous seasons. This season focuses on a young couple as they move into a haunted house in North Carolina. Only a handful of main characters exist so far in Season 6.

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FX and Ryan Murphy has released little information about the newly announced Season 7, which will air in 2017. This is to be expected considering the secrecy involved with Season 6. All Murphy has revealed so far is that Season 7 will be “narratively strange,” indicating that fans will get another twist on the AHS series again. And if Season 6 was super secretive, it seems Season 8 will be even more so.

As EW revealed about Season 6, a high level of control went into producing the season in order to maintain the secrecy.

“Scripts were destroyed. Code names were used. And those involved took a blood oath not to reveal anything.”

Murphy also seem particularly excited about the secret Season 8 currently in the works. E! Online revealed that this mystery season of AHS is a secret only he and one other writer knows about so far.

“It’s my secret season. I’ve been working with a writer on a season that only he and I know.”

Murphy is not sure when this super secret Season 8 of American Horror Story will air but he does know that only one person will be writing the scripts.

“It’s one person writing all episodes. The whole show has been a great joy to me because it’s an experiment.

So Season 8 will be another experiment on a series that has always felt like one continuous experiment. While AHS is considered an anthology, it has now been revealed that all of the seasons are interconnected somehow. It is an experiment that has certainly kept viewers not only guessing at how everything will tie together in the end, but returning to the show time and again in an effort to catch new information they might have overlooked in their first viewing of the show.

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American Horror Story: Roanoke returns to FX with Season 6 Episode 4 on Wednesday, October 5, at 10 p.m. ET.

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