Kate Middleton Pregnant? Queen Elizabeth Is Allegedly 'Infuriated' With The Duchess

Kate Middleton is pregnant, or will be very soon. The duke and the duchess have been rumored to be planning to have a third child, prior to Christmas. While the arrival of the third baby is great news for the public, this unborn child is already causing drama amongst the royals, explained Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Not only is Queen Elizabeth reportedly displeased about the possible arrival of another baby, but Middleton's sister Pippa and her soon-to-be husband James Matthew appear to be angry with the news. While Pippa Middleton has been planning to have a Christmastime wedding for quite awhile, the duke and duchess still went ahead with their plans.

Kate Middleton being pregnant without a doubt will take the spotlight away from her sister Pippa on her wedding day. Still, there has been many speculations as to why Prince William and the Duchess Kate have made this decision. Celeb Dirty Laundry weighed in on the duke and duchess' potential reasoning to have a baby during the holiday season.

"Are Prince William and Kate Middleton planning a baby as a way to bury all the bad press they've been getting lately?"
Prince William and the duchess' soon-to-be baby have been viewed as a publicity stunt for multiple reasons. Not only could Middleton be having a rivalry with her sister, but she could also be looking for an excuse to skip out on her royal work.
Kate Middleton getting pregnant is a fail-proof way for the duchess to get out of working the next nine months. This summer, Prince William and his wife spent most of their time vacationing. While the duchess had multiple charity and royal events to attend, she chose to take time off. The rumored lazy ways of Kate Middleton and Prince William are no secret to the public.

Kate Middleton being pregnant might be the only way for the duchess to dispel any negative rumors about her antics, explained Celeb Dirty Laundry. While Queen Elizabeth is one to avoid bad press, this doesn't mean she will go as far as supporting a third royal pregnancy.

The Queen and Kate Middleton have always been plagued with an awful relationship, rumors claim. Though one would think Queen Elizabeth would keep matters between her and Middleton, she has allegedly done the opposite. The monarch has reportedly fought with her grandson over Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth was supposedly not keen on William marrying Kate Middleton in the first place. She allegedly views her as a commoner and a star chaser. Celeb Dirty Laundry has delved into this matter further.

"Kate Middleton's family has also proven to be a huge problem for the British monarchy as the duchess' mother Carole Middleton along with her siblings Pippa Middleton and James Middleton have been tugging at her coattails in the celebrity spotlight."
Kate Middleton pregnant would only be another tabloid disaster for the royal family. Queen Elizabeth doesn't want to be anywhere near gossip magazine headlines. In fact, she's made a tremendous amount of effort to avoid the negative publicity.
"This is not what the queen had in mind when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, especially since she's worked so hard to get the royal family out of the tabloid headlines and gossip media."
Kate Middleton being pregnant would not only benefit her, but would be great for Prince William as well. The duke allegedly hates being in the spotlight. He has been both described as lacking "charisma" and having "low energy" when attending public events. Prince William can't even begin to compare to the enthusiasm and energy his brother, Prince William, has for his royal work, claimed Celeb Dirty Laundry.
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