‘Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS’ Survival DLC/Patch: Review Of LMG Weapons Leak And 1.4 Update On Stockpiling Sealed Caches

Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS has been currently running since the latter half of September, giving players an opportunity to get moving just prior to the 1.4 patch. The exact date of the update is unknown at this time, but an interesting leaked piece of weaponry made its way into The Division PTS game via the terminal vendor.

Review Of Leaked LMG Weapon

At this point, there is a new M5 LMG blue print available this week. It’s not in the current game nor not meant to be in the PTS either. The YouTuber at Skill Up reached out to the Massive’s lead weapons designer about this. He confirmed it’s not going to be in the 1.4 patch, but will come out via the Survival expansion/DLC.

However, the Skill Up YouTube user saved up enough Phoenix Credits to purchase the schematics and was able to make use of the M5 LMG. According to him, it’s a beast.

A comparison was made to an M249 B LMG weapon which is similar in style to The Division Survival DLC expansion’s LMG leaked weapon. Apparently, there is a major difference between those items.

The per bullet damage has a slight increase in the M5, but there’s 880 RPMs on the leaked LMG Survival weapon vs. the M249 B gun. There’s a far cry difference making for a nicely optimized weapon. Though you’ll lose 50 bullets in a magazine, the bullet decrease isn’t much of a loss as it would be considered overkill. It would do the player best to just properly mod it for better throughput on the M5 for premium optimization.

“The M5 is like crazy good. If I were to put it in very simple terms, I would say the M5 is about 20 to 30-percent better in terms of DPS throughput than the M249.”

Also after encountering the powerful M5 weapon in the new Survival expansion, there’s no reason to ever use the Black Market RPK-14E anymore because of the drastic difference in per bullet damage and RPMs. The M5 even has an extra five bullets in its magazine. So it would indeed make a great replacement LMG in place of the Black Market RPK.

The YouTube comparison continues further between current LMGs to the leaked M5 RPK. This indeed is something to look forward to in Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival expansion.

Do Not Open Underground And Dark Zone Weapon Caches

When The Division 1.4 patch comes out this month, it was recommended by Skill Up to not open these caches until the update is released. The reason for this is that certain weapon talents will be eliminated such as Steady, which is for weapon sway; Restored, which removes status effects from your impacted agent; and finally Stable, which is no major loss considering that talent had no effect on shooting improvement.

With that said, if you open your caches before the 1.4 patch and you get these talents, they’ll be permanently affixed to your weapon before and after the update. So it will behoove you to keep stockpiling them until the patch, open them, and then you won’t have those useless talents.

As far as gear sets are concerned, if you open those caches now, you’ll be lacking the performance mod slots. You’ll still have the normal skill stats associated with the equipment, but you’ll need to wait until The Division 1.4 patch to take advantage of those slots in the future when you open those caches then.

So hold tight onto those sealed caches in Tom Clancy’s The Division until the 1.4 patch/update goes live this month. Some of them will even be purchasable when the update comes out.

What plans do you have in optimizing your LMG for the Survival expansion and what kind of strategy do you have for the 1.4 patch in The Division?

[Featured Image by Casey Rodgers/AP Images]