Is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Available For Netflix Users?

Whether or not you enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory, the popularity of the TV sitcom is certainly no secret. According to the Wrap, The Bing Bang Theory was still averaging 20 million viewers per episode toward the end of Season 9. With Season 10 of the hilarious CBS sitcom currently airing on Monday nights, one question is on the minds of many fans of the show: Will The Big Bang Theory ever be added to the Netflix library for users to binge on?

What’s On Netflix has acquired the scoop on whether or not this hilarious TV sitcom has any relationship at all with Netflix as Season 10 of the show currently airs on television.

The Big Bang Theory has always been a sitcom that people either loved or hated. The series focus on four stereotypically nerdy friends who meet up frequently to discuss all things related to geek culture. The series takes an interesting turn when a gorgeous young woman moves in across the hall, and the four nerds are forced to learn how to socialize and discover what being in love feels like.

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What’s On Netflix speculates that while The Big Bang Theory is currently airing Season 10 on television, there is such a hot demand that the price tag for streaming the series on any platform — including Netflix — is not going to come cheap.

If you happen to be a Netflix U.S. subscriber, chances are pretty good you do not need this news story to tell you that The Big Bang Theory is not currently available. It is not available for streaming or for DVD rental. The question remains: Why isn’t this widely popular television sitcom available for Netflix users to enjoy?

To date, CBS allows fans of The Big Bang Theory to view a few catch-up episodes through Hulu Plus. The Big Bang Theory is also available for those who have paid for a streaming service called CBS All Access. What’s On Netflix believes that getting The Big Bang Theory in the Netflix U.S. library would come at a very steep price — possibly more than the streaming company wants to pay.

Instead of paying the hefty price tag to add The Big Bang Theory to the Netflix library, the streaming giant has been exploring developing and promoting their own comedy shows, including Master of None and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is a considerably cheaper and more profitable option for the streaming giant to take.

For Netflix U.K. subscribers, however, Seasons 1-8 of The Big Bang Theory were added to Netflix back in March of this year. Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory was also added to the library last month. New seasons of the series are expected to continue to be added to the Netflix U.K. library every September as long as the show continues to air on television. Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, and Japan also have access to The Big Bang Theory to stream from their libraries as well.

The Big Bang Theory airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Check out a promo for Season 10 of the series below.

What do you think after learning that The Big Bang Theory may never be available for Netflix U.S. subscribers to enjoy? Do you think Netflix will ever consider footing the bill, or is it better to continue moving forward with their own productions instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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