'This Is Us' Actor Milo Ventimiglia Sheds Shirt For Breast Cancer Awareness On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday in front of a crowd of cheering fans. Milo spoke with guest host Miley Cyrus about his new hit television drama, the return of Gilmore Girls, his rear-end, and what occupies his downtime away from work. While on Ellen, Ventimiglia also did a wonderful thing to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month and raise money for research.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show shared video on Facebook of Ventimiglia's interview with Cyrus, giving fans a chance to see it again if they missed the initial air time. After talking with Milo, Cyrus had Ventimiglia strip his shirt off, to which the crowd cheered, and he entered the dunk tank for a great cause. Every time Milo was dunked by Cyrus, Ulta Beauty pledged to donate $10,000 to breast cancer research. Miley was able to hit the target and dunk Milo only once, but him getting soaked earned an amazing $10,000.


While on Ellen, Milo also talked about This Is Us, sharing with viewers that the drama is about family and that it is "hopeful." When asked what he does in his spare time, Ventimiglia revealed he actually decided to challenge himself earlier in the spring and learned to speak Japanese. Milo demonstrated a few lines on Miley, who did not understand at all what he was saying. The Orange County native also shared his love for motorcycles and admitted he is on it a lot to get around town.

Aside from appearing on Ellen, Ventimiglia recently spoke with E! News about his co-stars, Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown. While fans are ecstatic about the This Is Us cast, Milo is too. When speaking of his on-screen wife, Mandy Moore, Milo said their chemistry was almost instant, despite never meeting each other prior to the show. Ventimiglia went on to say that Mandy has a giving, kind heart and that "it just works." When speaking about Brown, Milo revealed how deserving Sterling was of his recent Emmy win. He said not only is he a talented actor, but he's also a human being, "so it couldn't have happened to a better guy."

Ventimiglia is also continually asked about that epic beginning of the This Is Us trailer in which viewers see a glimpse of Milo's bare rear-end. While speaking with Today Parents, Milo said jokingly it was the first time in his 21 year career that his butt has preceded his face.

Ventimiglia said, "It's a hardworking a**, I guess."

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia of 'This Is Us'

This Is Us is not the only thing that has been keeping Milo hard at work. The Gilmore Girls revival is making its debut on Netflix next month. Ventimiglia will be returning to the role of Jess on the show.

When asked by TV Line if he has unfinished business to wrap up as Jess, Milo responded, "There's nothing in particular I'm excited to play, other than maybe strap on his leather jacket and pop back in to shake things up."

There is no doubt Gilmore Girls fans are excited to see him and all of the returning cast back.

While Milo has been filming and raising money for breast cancer research, he has also been bringing awareness to another extremely important issue. Ventimiglia has been posting videos of himself doing push-ups on his Twitter to raise awareness for the 22 American veterans who will commit suicide every day. Twenty-two days of 22 push-ups is the challenge.

On Day 7 of the challenge, Milo posted, "Day 7. #22PushupChallenge in honor of the 22 veterans who will commit suicide today. Hit me up if you're havin a bad day. I'm here for ya. MV."

Both are wonderful causes to be associated with that need support and recognition.

Ventimiglia has overall been a busy man so far in 2016. Fans can catch him Tuesday nights on NBC for the hit This Is Us and next month on Netflix for Gilmore Girls revival. Be sure to follow Milo on Twitter to see the rest of his 22-day push-up challenge.

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