Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divorce And Abuse Allegations: Celebrities Take Sides As Melissa Etheridge Defends Brad

The Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce saga is hitting a lot of people hard. Celebrities feel the upheaval as much as fans as their world changes to accommodate the total split between Brad and Angelina.

Stars who have been friends with the couple since Angelina and Brad were young are having to make a choice now, and some of them are not happy with the situation.

UPI Entertainment News reports that one heavyweight star, Melissa Etheridge, has made up her mind about whose side she’s on in this split-up.

Etheridge is furious with Angelina for making what she calls “unfounded” allegations of child abuse against Brad, and the 55-year-old singer isn’t letting Jolie away with the shade about Brad abusing his young children badly.

Etheridge remembers a young Brad Pitt who she thinks made some wrong relationship choices. Melissa went on Andy Cohen Live to talk about the Pitt-Jolie divorce and her memories of a young Brad. She told the audience exactly what she thought of the underhand tactics Angelina is taking. She said that it’s absolutely “heart breaking” for someone like Brad to have to go through this dirt.

“It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal as your marriage, your relationship and your rights to your children and do it as purposefully as I see it being done, because there’s a way to be.”

Etheridge is super upset about the shade Angelina is throwing at Brad because she’s been through divorce twice, and she knows firsthand how awful it can get. The singer pointed out that people going through divorce do think ahead about ways to be “mean” and throw shade at their former partner.

“I’ve gone through family courts. I’ve been twice around this block, and I know it really well, and I know when there’s some forethought to just how mean and just how you’re going to put disinformation out there first.”

According to Extra TV, Melissa is also remembering how a young Angelina behaved when she was in a “prior relationship” with Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton was “engaged to Etheridge’s friend Laura Dern” and it was “nasty” and ugly while the three sorted things out.

Melissa was there, and makes no bones about how Angelina wasn’t “nice” to Billy Bob and Laura. Etheridge was also around when Jolie got between Brad and Jennifer Aniston.

“I was around when Angelina was not doing nice things with Billy Bob to Laura Dern… I went through that on a personal level, and then to know the side of Jennifer [Aniston] and Brad…

The situation was so bad between Jolie and Thornton that Melissa had to help rescue Laura’s belongings from the house she shared with Thornton.

“I helped Laura move out of her house with Billy Bob – I like, broke into their home to get their stuff out because it was so nasty.”

Now, Melissa feels like it’s happening all over again. Jolie and Pitt split up in September, putting a shocking end to a two year marriage, more than ten years together as a couple, and a friendship that began when they were both young.

When Angelina accused Brad of child abuse, that was the final straw for Etheridge and for many of Brad’s celebrity friends.

“Nobody does that. You don’t do that.”

Melissa insisted that the abuse allegations against Brad are “completely unfounded.” She says that she’s been close to Brad for years, from the early days of a young Brad Pitt just making his way, right through to when he married Angelina. That’s when she “lost a friend.”

Melissa and Brad haven’t seen each other for ten years. She says that there are “a lot” of Brad’s friends who have lost touch with him since he and Angelina got together, and they want him back in their lives.

“I really hope he reaches back out because there are a lot of us who haven’t seen him in ten years.”

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