Meghan King Edmonds Slams Vicki’s New Cancer Charity: ‘That’s Not A Charity’

Meghan King Edmonds may just have joined The Real Housewives of Orange County last year, but she made quite the impression when she decided to research Brooks Ayers’ stories about his cancer. Everything he said about his illness and his treatment, Meghan decided to research. And she quickly discovered that he might have been lying about his treatments and his cancer journey. King Edmonds has been questioning Vicki Gunvalson’s loyalty over the past year, so when Vicki announced that she was working with a new charity called Kill All Cancer, King Edmonds decided to do some research.

According to a new Bravo report, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that she’s questioning whether Vicki’s new project is indeed a charitable one. When King Edmonds learned about this new charity, she decided to do some digging, and she opened up about what she found on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

“I thought it was weird. I thought it seemed contrived and forced and I don’t even think it’s a charity,” Meghan King Edmonds told a caller on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, when a caller asked her about Vicki Gunvalson’s new cancer charity, to which Meghan added, “I think it’s, like, a fundraiser or something. I looked into it.”

When Meghan was asked about what she had found, she had an interesting answer. As it turns out, the charity that Gunvalson is representing doesn’t actually keep the money that it collects.

“It’s a website where you give the website money and then the money funnels it to other charities. Or, the website funnels the money to other charities. That’s not a charity,” Meghan King Edmonds pointed out to Andy Cohen and the caller, sharing that Vicki and her team collects money from donors and then redistributes the money to other charities.


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No word on whether Kill All Cancer keeps some money for themselves. If the website does keep a portion of all donations, it would seem like a scam, as it seems like an unnecessary step. The name, Kill All Cancer, does reveal that the website aims to help charities that fight all kinds of cancer, so the donated funds may be split between various charities. However, it seems like an unnecessary third step when donating funds to charity.

The purpose of #killALLCancer is to reinvent the way charities are run while building an International Cancer Killer. Raising money via bracelet sales and donations will be the main driver of funds,” the website reveals, adding, “The organization will be [sic] ran by volunteers and there will be no salaries paid by any charitable contributions. A separate foundation will be created to hold & disperse funds.”

Gunvalson didn’t see the situation the same way as Meghan King Edmonds. She saw this as a great opportunity, and she decided to jump in with both feet. Maybe she didn’t do her research when she learned of the opportunity, but only thought about clearing her name. Vicki has already been criticized of being involved with this charity for the sake of making money.

“That same passion for helping and guiding people is the reason why I chose to become involved with the Kill All Cancer charity. Why wouldn’t I? I was approached by a team of professionals to make a difference in people’s lives through insurance products, donations, and to be part of a charity that can help people who are suffering from cancer,” Vicki has revealed on her own blog, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds investigating Gunvalson’s new charity gig? Do you think this charity will help her clear her name?

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