WWE News: Update On Why Sasha Banks Beat Charlotte For The WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Last night on WWE RAW, we were treated to an amazing main event with Sasha Banks and Charlotte fighting over the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. This was huge before they even fought for the title. The two were main eventing RAW. This was something not seen since Trish Stratus and Lita main evented over a decade ago. Both are, by the way, WWE Hall of Famers now. This is nice company to be in for two of the best female wrestlers in the world.

History was being made walking in, but could the women deliver a match that was worthy of such a spot? Not only did they do just that, but now they put pressure on the guys to try and beat it next week. Many believe, after seeing Charlotte and Sasha Banks perform, that women should main event more often. We’re always hearing that WWE believes in this new generation of women a lot, which was clearly seen last night. However, they have yet to main event a main roster PPV in the entire history of the WWE.

This very well could still happen, as WWE Hell in a Cell is coming up and fans are pressuring WWE to have the ladies perform inside Hell in a Cell for the first time. Clearly if their match on RAW was a try out, we would be treated to one hell of a main event if they were in the cell. Regardless of this, the two performed at a high level last night and fans across the world were happy to see WWE finally give them the chance to do this.

Banks Charlotte RAW main event
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The question afterward, however, was why Charlotte lost the Women’s Title on WWE RAW again. Would it not have been better to have her lose the title on the next PPV to Banks? According to various reports, Sasha Banks’ injury led to her losing the Women’s Title a while back and she wasn’t supposed to lose it for months. She had a back injury, but WWE still had the big WWE SummerSlam event upcoming. The thought was that she could lose to Charlotte and then always regain it when she got back. That said, she won it back because she was never supposed to drop it.

WWE had given her a month off because they felt she would most likely find out what she needed to do to get better. The theory was that if she needed surgery, they would just increase her time off mainly because they had no choice. They had Charlotte work the lower back in their SummerSlam match so that they could write Banks out for upcoming performances due to the injury. In reality, Banks had been hurt for a while before. However, this allowed WWE to get away with something that would add to the ladies’ storied rivalry.

Banks would seek medical consultation. They would find that she simply needed to do some rehab for a bit, but this was not going to keep her out long. She maybe missed two weeks before she was back on television and/or doing media for the WWE. She very well could have taken the time off that WWE had given her to rest and feel even better. However, she came back sooner simply because she felt she couldn’t stay out any longer.

Sasha Banks WWE RAW
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This led to WWE having Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte at WWE Clash of Champions. It took pressure off of Banks to perform a lot as Bayley could take some of the pressure off. While this was a nice idea going in, Bayley didn’t see as much time in the match as people assumed. She did help take some pressure off, but not nearly as much as people thought going into the match. This led to WWE obviously having to have Banks vs Charlotte soon as she didn’t take a fall or submit in the triple threat.

The current plan is to have Sasha Banks retain for a while, at least up to WrestleMania 33. The plan as of now is to have Sasha Banks vs Bayley happen on the grandest stage of them all, with Bayley walking out WWE RAW Women’s Champion. That said, we can expect a long reign for The Boss until she runs into Bayley next year. Obviously WWE fans know the history of Sasha Banks/Bayley matches, so this will be fun if WWE does end up going with it.

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