‘The Voice’: Watch As Natasha Bure Turns Adam Levine During Monday Night’s Blind Audition

Natasha Bure managed to turn Adam Levine’s head Monday night during her blind audition on The Voice. Natasha’s mom, Candace Cameron Bure, was ecstatic when Levine pushed his button and turned his chair less than 30 seconds into her daughter’s performance. According to Levine, Natasha Bure’s rendition of the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was self-assured, different, and special.

Season 11 of The Voice is looking to be the best one ever, as shared by the Hollywood Gossip on Tuesday. The October 3 episode was week three of the blind auditions. Eighteen contestants performed, with 13 of those going on to train with a coach — Natasha Bure being one of those lucky 13. As Bure began her short audition on Monday night’s episode, Levine showed interest right away.


Blake Shelton even said that Natasha Bure had “lots of cool stuff in there,” but Adam Levine was the coach to turn his chair and take Natasha under his wing for the rest of Season 11 that premiered on September 19 on NBC. This season of The Voice also saw two new coaches join the four-coach panel. Miley Cyrus replaced Christina Aguilera, while Alicia Keys replaced Pharrell Williams, but neither coach showed much reaction to Natasha Bure’s blind audition performance.

Candace Cameron Bure was watching backstage to cheer on her 18-year-old daughter, Natasha, who’s actually best known as an actress and YouTube personality. But Natasha Bure has uploaded a few videos of cover songs on her self-titled YouTube channel, including a two-minute recording of the song “Feeling Good” four months ago. Bure admits she was bored when she made the cover, but she received nothing but praise from her nearly 54,000 subscribers.

In an interview with Us Weekly back in July, Candace Cameron Bure said she would love it if Natasha were able to join Team Adam or Team Blake. The 40-year-old Full House actress went on to say that she just loves watching The Voice, but she didn’t confirm at the time whether or not her oldest daughter actually auditioned for Season 11. Natasha Bure did, however, show off her singing skills in April on The View when she performed for her mom’s 40th birthday.


Candace was completely surprised during that episode of The View when Natasha stepped out on stage to sing with the Christian pop duo band For King & Country. Candace was equally as surprised on Monday night when Adam Levine hit his red button and turned his chair for Natasha on The Voice. People Magazine actually called Candace Cameron Bure’s reaction to Natasha joining a team on The Voice a “freak out,” saying that Candace’s reaction made Natasha’s audition even better.

“‘Shut up!’ The View star excitedly said along with a cheering section that included husband Valeri Bure and family.”

Natasha Bure is reportedly pursuing singing right now after appearing a few times on the small screen, including in ABC Family’s Make It or Break It series in 2009. Candace Cameron Bure says she’s so proud of Natasha and can’t wait to see where she goes with her music, but Natasha says that her mom doesn’t know too much about the music industry, because “she’s not musically gifted.”

Millions of viewers watch The Voice every week, and are equally as anxious to see how far Natasha Bure gets with Team Adam. Levine did say that Natasha needs to work on her nerves, and that is something he is going to help her with.

“The second my chair turned around you had a little bit of a nervous breakdown.”

“We’re gonna go to nerves and self confidence boot camp.”

The Hollywood Gossip also reports that Candace Cameron Bure said Natasha was blessed with a voice, because “my husband and I don’t sing.” But Natasha Bure never thought she even wanted to be in the entertainment industry growing up.

Natasha Bure’s bio on the NBC website says that she really wanted to be a professional tennis player, but shifted her focus to music two years ago in high school.

[Featured Image by The Voice/YouTube]