Beverly Jackson: ‘Swamp Murders’ — Teen Killers, Dulie Alonzo Green, Victor Pestano, Left Nurse To Drown In Car Dumped In Miami Canal

Beverly Jackson was a Miami nurse who was found dead in the trunk of her car over two decades ago. The car had been pushed into the waters of a canal. Her killers, Dulie Alonzo Green and Victor Pestano, who were both in their mid-teens at the time, were charged eight years after the crime. Swamp Murders on Investigation Discovery will recount Beverly Jackson’s incredible story in their episode titled “In Too Deep,” which will follow police as they search for a missing nurse who never arrived for her shift at the local hospital. But when she is found in a watery grave two days later, it will take a guilty conscious and a phone call almost a decade later to help solve the case. On Swamp Murders, the story will be told through interviews with Miami investigators and friends or acquaintances of Beverly Jackson.

Deep Trouble

It was a Saturday evening in Miami in 1995, when Beverly Jackson disappeared as she left her Northwest 57th Court home headed to the local hospital, where she worked as a nurse. For two days, frantic family members tried to trace her whereabouts. To their horror, Beverly Jackson’s car was found in a North-Miami Dade canal. Her dead body was in the trunk of her car.

An autopsy report performed on Beverly Jackson revealed that she was alive when her car was pushed into the canal. The cause of death was listed as drowning. Blunt force trauma to the head area was also apparent. Medical examiners say the victim was also raped. DNA samples were taken from the body and semen was present in Beverly Jackson’s vaginal area.

Police could find no good leads in the case, and without any answers for the family, the Beverly Jackson case went cold. For eight years, the rape and murder of the popular nurse went unsolved, until a phone call from a tipster in 2003 blew new life into the case.

A Sad Tale About Beverly

Authorities say that a person who once knew a man named Dulie Alonzo Green came forward with a story that Green told him years earlier. It was about the death of Beverly Jackson. According to the tipster, Dulie Alonzo Green, along with Victor Pestano, kidnapped Beverly Jackson while she was on her way to work, robbed her, and stuffed her body in the trunk. Then, the teens jumped out of the car and pushed it into the canal with Beverly Jackson screaming inside. The story lined up with what police found at the scene. The distraught tipster came forward with the information after his heart and mind could no longer let him live with hiding the secret.


Judging by the position of the body, it appeared that Beverly Jackson had tried to kick her way out of the car. DNA samples taken from Dulie Green and Victor Pestano matched evidence taken from the scene. They were both arrested and charged with the murder. During the police interrogation, Dulie Green and Victor Pestano blamed the murder on a third man, according to court records found at FindLaw.

“The statement contained Pestano’s original statement and the purportedly ‘true’ version:  The co-defendants were walking with a third man. The third man jumped into the woman’s car and ordered them to get in front. The three men drove to the park where the co-defendants got out of the car. Thereafter, the third man got out of the car and said the victim had agreed to have sex with them. The co-defendants then departed, leaving the victim with the third man. At that point, the interrogation concluded.”


There was not a lot of media coverage about Beverly Jackson’s murder. Jackson was remembered as a dedicated JMH nurse who cared for children with TB and Aids. At trial, everyone wanted to see 23-year-old Dulie Green and 24-year old Victor Pestano receive the death penalty. However, since they were under the age of 17 at the time, the death penalty could be applied. They were both convicted of murder and sentenced to life. Dulie Green’s appeal was denied, according to Court Listener.

Beverly Jackson’s story was aired on an episode of Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall: See Something, Say Something. Watch Investigation Discovery’s coverage tonight on Swamp Murders at 10/9 p.m. Central. Last week, Investigation Discovery viewers watched the case of Barbara Hefner.

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