Shannon Beador On Vicki’s Ex-Husband: Donn Says That Vicki Is A ‘Lying Sack Of Dog S**t’

Shannon Beador was shocked on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when Vicki Gunvalson accused both her and her husband of being a liar. While Shannon may know that her husband is a liar based on him having an eight-month-long affair with another married woman, Beador had a hard time justifying why she was being called a liar.

Throughout their friendship, Shannon claims that she has done nothing to Vicki, and she has never lied about anything. Now, Beador is revealing that she was just trying to be nice when she reached out to her co-star after her dune buggy accident and wasn’t trying to save face.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that she’s been very vocal about her future with Gunvalson. Beador has revealed that she has absolutely no interest in being friends with Gunvalson, and she doesn’t want to rebuild their friendship. She simply doesn’t trust her former friend after the cancer scandal, and she just wants to move on. Plus, Shannon Beador has to focus on her children and her husband, who she’s working on trusting again after his long affair.

“I didn’t call Vicki to ‘save face’ and it certainly wasn’t weeks later either, it was days. Vicki was saying some unkind things about me at the party and when I was literally standing two feet in front of her, I was not going to act like I was in middle school and ignore it,” Shannon Beador reveals on her blog for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While Shannon Beador claims that she was just trying to be nice by calling Gunvalson and leaving her a message after the accident. At this point in time, Shannon already knew that Vicki was a liar, as she’s convinced that Vicki lied about Brooks Ayers to protect him.

During the last Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, she admitted that she had fabricated some stories to protect him. In one of the stories, she had told the ladies that Heather Dubrow’s husband had come to her house in the middle of the night to give him a drip, as he was dehydrated. Heather quickly debunked that story, and Gunvalson’s credibility came into question.


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“In the three years that I have known Vicki, one thing is certain — that she has mastered the art of deflection. In true Vicki fashion, she accused me of lying. I do not lie and I have not lied. She is making something up…again. And I was blown away at her threats to me during her interview commentary. She claims to have secrets about my marriage and that is a joke. I am an open book that let everyone into a humiliating affair last year. We all know Vicki has the reputation of lying and deflection. To hear Donn say that Vicki is a ‘lying sack of dog s***’ in the flashback kind of says it all,” Shannon Beador points out on her blog, according to Bravo.

It is interesting that Beador is bringing in Gunvalson’s ex-husband, as he hasn’t been a huge part of the show since they divorced. Shannon points to the flashback clips, where Donn himself is calling his ex-wife a liar, which could indicate that Vicki has lied many times before. And Shannon Beador may just be trying to clear up her own reputation in this matter.

What do you think of Shannon Beador’s comments about Gunvalson’s past? Do you think she has a long past of lying, or do you think Beador may be overreacting?

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