Did Kim Kardashian Lie About Robbery? Paris Story Made Up To Boost ‘KUWTK’ Ratings? [Rumor]

Did Kim Kardashian lie about getting robbed in Paris? Since news broke that the reality star was attacked by five masked men who placed her in a bathtub, bound and gagged her, held her at gunpoint, and stole $10 million worth of jewelry, some people have gotten suspicious. There seems to be some key information missing from Kim Kardashian’s story, and that information could suggest the Kardashians are desperate for attention and, perhaps, television ratings.

According to Gersh Kuntzman over at the New York Daily News, Kim Kardashian’s story is “too good to be true.” The apparent loopholes in the story reported by every major news outlet in the world reek of something not quite right.

“The entire story so far is based on an unnamed Kardashian ‘rep’ and paraphrased synopses from French authorities. If this happened in New York, the police commissioner, the mayor and the Manhattan DA would have had three press conferences and surveillance shots of the alleged men would have already been transmitted to every phone in the country. And the city’s papers would be rushing to beat each other with scoops. News flash: Paris is exactly like New York (except with better croissants). So why are its media and authorities so slow on this story?”

If Kim Kardashian did lie about this heist, it could be because Keeping Up with the Kardashians is set to return to television on October 23. Of course, the thought of E! cameras being around Kim while all of this is going down made sense to some people: Was E! in Paris with Kim at the time of this jewelry heist? The short answer is “no.” According to Us Weekly, E! has confirmed that footage for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was not being taken at the time of the robbery.

That said, it’s not like people are now going to tune in to KUWTK to see this heist go down — because there won’t be anything to see.

Regardless, Kim Kardashian’s story still leaves a lot of us with questions.

“Something’s not right. This doesn’t feel like a heist. It feels like a plot twist for a season premiere. Why did West stop his concert mid-rap, citing a ‘family emergency,’ yet not rush to Paris to be with his distraught wife?” Kuntzman questions. “Why did Kim leave the City of Light mere hours after she was supposedly interviewed by Paris cops? Where is the concierge who was accosted by the gunmen before giving them access to the Kardashian aerie? And who is he or she? Where are the surveillance pictures? What kind of thieves flee on bikes?”

A Kim Kardashian lie could be entirely possible if you think about the story the way that Kuntzman has laid it out. On many (read all) of the points he makes, he’s absolutely right. This was a major robbery involving a major celebrity, but there hasn’t been any additional information shared by authorities. Everything is staying pretty hush-hush, which is rather odd, don’t you think?

For what it’s worth, Kim Kardashian is remaining quiet too. She hasn’t posted to Instagram or Snapchat since the robbery news broke.

The big question, of course, is whether or not Kim Kardashian (& co.) would stoop so low just for television ratings. Does this family need money that bad? Or maybe the story was made up for another reason. Perhaps Kanye West needed a break. According to E! News, West has canceled some of the dates on his “Saint Pablo Tour.” Surely he could have done so without this ridiculous back story, though, right?

Would Kim Kardashian even agree to do such a thing? Love Kim or hate her, making something of this magnitude up would be really low. Does Kim Kardashian even have that in her?

Do you think Kim Kardashian made up a lie about this Paris fiasco for some other reason to benefit her or her family, or do you think that even suggesting such a thing is a ridiculously low blow? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]