WWE News: Bobby Roode Speaks On Working For NXT, Glorious Bombs And Leaving TNA

So far, Bobby Roode’s time in WWE NXT has remained glorious. It’s not only his entrance music that proves it, but it’s also the entire aura of Roode that excites the WWE Universe and gets them off their feet for the former TNA Heavyweight champion. His impact has been nothing but flawless on the WWE NXT roster. After being rumored to debut for months, he finally made his debut at NXT Takeover Dallas. Roode showed up at the NXT Download Festival in the United Kingdom, according to a recent article by the Inquisitr.

It was a long-awaited debut for the former-TNA superstar. Once calamity began to ensue at Impact Wrestling, Roode made the wise decision to come to the WWE and sign an exclusive contract. TNA is up for sale, and the WWE is interested, so Roode leaving was at a perfect time. There’s no way he’d want to try and survive a sale and stay with the company. Dixie Carter already lost a slew of great talent to the WWE. Roode was the latest great name to sign.

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Roode already had a feud in WWE NXT, and it went to perfection. He faced Cien at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II and dominated the other WWE NXT star. At one point, Cien was slated to be a top babyface on the promotion. Plans quickly changed. As for Roode, his start to WWE NXT is only getting better. At the next NXT special, Roode will definitely be in a big match. His first time with the microphone on WWE NXT, he turned heel immediately.

As a veteran who has been around the world entertaining the masses, Roode has a lot of advice he can give to the WWE superstars in the back. In a recent interview by Brian Fritz of the Sporting News, Bobby Roode talked about working for WWE NXT, leaving TNA Wrestling and the Glorious Bombs.

“(laughs) I do owe them a lot of gratitude. It’s funny, it was one of those things that just kind of happened. Again. We’re in a gym on the road doing live events one Saturday and they said we want to do this thing where we play your song, because they love the song. So they played the song and I was working out and they said just kind of acknowledge the song or whatever.

“At the time, not really. I don’t really have a negative thing to say about that company. I was treated extremely well there for 12 years and financially I was taken care of.

“The way that I look at it, NXT is such a hot brand. It’s probably the hottest brand under the WWE umbrella right now. It’s not viewed any more, in my opinion, as a developmental territory.”

From TNA to WWE NXT and then the Glorious Bombs, Roode has been a great addition to the roster and the company in general. He can add a lot behind the scenes, as well as in front of television. His years of experience will only aide those around him. There are men and women could benefit greatly from Roode’s expertise inside the squared circle.

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In an earlier report by SportsKeeda.com, Roode revealed that he doesn’t regret not going to the WWE earlier in his career. For that to happen, both sides have to reciprocate interest and all the pieces had to come into place. Obviously, they didn’t, and Roode stayed at TNA for several years longer than he should’ve. WWE NXT is getting closer to another NXT special. Roode will have a big role in that too, and he will come one step closer to an NXT championship.

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