Wendy Williams Suggests Kim Kardashian May Have Lied About Paris Robbery, Calls Family 'Soulless' [Video]

Wendy Williams is making some pretty controversial remarks about Kim Kardashian and her family after the reality star was robbed at gunpoint during a recent trip to Paris.

Williams discussed Kardashian's Paris robbery on the October 3 episode of her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, where Wendy insinuated that Kardashian could potentially have fabricated being robbed in her Paris apartment, before going on to call the entire Kardashian family "soulless."

According to Bellanaija, Wendy didn't hold back when revealing on her daytime talk show how she really feels about Kardashian's recent incident in the French city, recalling the details of the robbery to her studio audience while pausing to laugh on multiple occasions.

Revealing to viewers that Kim is alleged to have been robbed of around $10 million worth of jewelry during the crime, Wendy quipped, "I would hope that she's not making any part of this story up."

"We all know this family and they're kind of soulless, you know?" Williams then continued of the Kardashian family while discussing the robbery. "So, you can't believe everything that you hear."

Wendy then went on to call the incident "very upsetting" before suggesting that Kim's robbery may actually have been an inside job.

"By the way, I think this was an inside job," Wendy continued of the crime, revealing on The Wendy Williams Show that she believes Kim and husband Kanye West's friends may have be in on the heist.

"They knew that you were there at three o'clock in the morning, and you were by yourself," Williams suggested of the robbers, "so they were like 'Don't kill her, just go in there' and they knew exactly where to go to grab that jewelry."

While Kim is yet to officially speak out about Wendy's remarks, or the robbery itself, this certainly isn't the first time Wendy has called out Kim and the Kardashian clan on her talk show.

Back in February, Wendy Williams put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on serious blast on The Wendy Williams Show, admitting after West went on a bizarre Twitter rant against former girlfriend Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa that she felt "embarrassed" for Kardashian before Williams revealed that she doesn't believe she and West have a "real" marriage.

"By the way, we recall meeting your wife on her back," Wendy told Kanye on the show after West called out Amber, whom he dated from 2008 to 2010, for being a stripper.

Williams then went on to reveal that she was refusing to refer to Kim by her marital name of Kim Kardashian West, as she believes her marriage to Kanye is fake.

Wendy Williams calls Kim Kardashian & Kanye West marriage
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"I'm not going to say anything about Kanye and what people want to do behind closed doors is their business, but I am embarrassed for Kim Kardashian," Wendy said, "because clearly that's not a real marriage."

"What kind of respect, of lack thereof, does Kanye have for his new son Saint? And his daughter?" continued Williams of Kim and Kanye's relationship and their two children, Saint and North West. "And why are you talking like that? So I'm embarrassed for Kim."

Just months earlier, Wendy accused Kim of using a surrogate to carry her and Kanye's second child, and Entertainment Tonight reported that Kardashian hit back on social media.

Though Kardashian did not mention Wendy by name, the site reported that Kim slammed the talk show host on Twitter for suggesting she was not carrying Saint herself, blasting Williams for "talking s***."

"I'm gonna do live video streaming so every time someone talks sh** I can go blast the f*** outta them," Kim tweeted out, seemingly referring to Williams' claims on The Wendy Williams Show last year.

"Please! This is the type of stuff I will address. If I got a surrogate I would say I did! Thankfully I didn't have [to]."
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