Mysterious Interdimensional Portal Opens Over Bridge City, Texas, Sparks Traffic Chaos After Generating EMP Waves That Shut Down Moving Vehicles [Video]

UFO hunters claim that a mysterious interdimensional portal, linked with UFOs exiting and entering our universe from another dimension of space and time, was sighted over Texas very recently. The event sparked traffic chaos after electromagnetic waves generated by the portal phenomenon shut down vehicles in motion.

The weird incident spooked hundreds, perhaps thousands of witnesses, although most were unaware of the nature and cause of the incident, according to alien hunters.

YouTube UFO hunter Secureteam10 reports that new footage received from a viewer and fan of the YouTube channel from Bridge City, Texas, shows a mysterious anomalous streak of light that appeared over the city close to midnight on October 1, 2016.

The witness was attending a birthday party at a friend’s house when, at about 11 p.m., a strange light appeared in the sky. It was only very faintly visible at first, but it increased in brightness, gaining an orange color. Within seconds, the light was shining brightly in the sky over the city.

No one had an idea what the mysterious light phenomenon over the city was, but everyone could see that it looked like an elongated bright orange slit that dimmed and brightened in cycles.

As the strange light dimmed and brightened, the witness pulled out his phone to film it.

He warned that the footage (see above) does not do justice to the appearance and brightness of the strange slit of light that appeared in the sky over Bridge City. The footage was apparently taken using a phone not designed for capturing clear footage in the dark. But according to the witness, the mysterious slit of light looked like “some sort of portal.”

The intensity of the light after it appeared in the sky increased. It became so bright that it was nearly as bright as the Sun at sunset, according to the witness.

And because it was late in the night, approaching midnight, the witness was certain that he had not mistaken the Sun for a mysterious streak of light. It was nearly midnight and pitch dark at the time the light first appeared in the sky.

The witness was also sure that the light was not coming from an earthly source on the ground or in the air reflecting in the sky.

The bizarre sighting lasted about 10 minutes, during which the mysterious streak of orange light remained stationary in the sky, never moving from its position. It waxed and waned repeatedly before fading away. There was pitch darkness once again after it had faded away, with nothing left to show that a bright streak of light had shone in the sky moments before.

While the light shone over Bridge City, a strange incident unfolded at a place only about 15 minutes away from the place in Bridge City where the strange light was seen.

According to Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner, a woman in Port Arthur reported that while driving home at about the time the light appeared in the sky, she and hundreds of other motorists encountered a strange phenomenon that Glockner claims gives a vital clue about the nature of the strange streak of light over Bridge City.

An interdimensional portal

The woman, identified as Rhonda, said that as she drove along, a strange wavelike phenomenon appeared and began shutting down electronic devices and power sources in her car. She heard an unfamiliar high-pitched noise from her radio before it stopped working.

Her car lights also dimmed and her car engine stalled. She noticed that several other drivers were having similar trouble with their cars. Many were forced to break and stop their cars hurriedly and pull over. Cars went out of control and swerved dangerously on the road as drivers struggled to avoid crashing into oncoming cars.

“Now that seems to me like an EMP (electromagnetic) wave, something like that,” commented Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner. “Something was knocking out power systems along this area very close to where the mysterious streak of light was sighted.”

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic waves originating from a natural or artificial source. It causes EMP interference that could disrupt or damage electronic equipment. A powerful burst of high-energy EMP from a nuclear or non-nuclear weapon can cause serious damage to structures.

An interdimensional portal

And according to Glockner, this is not the first time that a portal and an alien UFO presence have generated mysterious and powerful EMP waves, with electromagnetic pulses shutting down electronic devices and power sources.

Alien hunters claim that UFOs and interdimensional portals generate EMP waves because some advanced alien UFOs are based on a propulsion technology that uses EMP to generate propulsive forces. This, according to UFO hunters, explains why mysteriously disruptive EMP phenomenon is often linked with UFO sightings or appearance of interdimensional portals.

The Inquisitr reported last January that a UFO hunter, SAUFOTX, claimed to have filmed for the first time a special type of morphing alien UFO that was based on advanced alien propulsion technology. The technology uses electromagnetic pulses to generate propulsion.

According to SAUFOTX, advanced alien shapeshifting UFOs are able to convert solar energy into electromagnetic propulsion (EMP) force.

“I have researched [the subject of EMP technology-based UFOs] and come to realize this is a real phenomenon.”

Alien crafts based on EMP are able to generate interdimensional portals and engage in interdimensional travel, according to SAUFOTX.

The alleged technology is so advanced that it in inconceivable in terms of the current status of human science and technology, alien hunters claim.

SAUFOTX’s video attracted a lot of attention among members of the UFO community who take a special interest in the alleged mysterious alien electromagnetic propulsion technology.

Some suggested that the most advanced alien UFOs are actually cyborg (half biological and half mechanical) entities that have advanced craft technology melded with biological life.

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