James Huling And Natalie Negrotti Heat Up Their Relationship Outside Of The ‘Big Brother’ House

James Huling didn’t win the big bucks on Big Brother, but he may have won something better. Huling, a two-time player on the long-running CBS reality show, is still in a relationship with fellow houseguest Natalie Negrotti — and it seems to be the real deal.

James and Natalie have been very active on social media, and the countdown is on for them to reunite in real life. James lives in Texas, and Natalie is currently in New York, but the former Jets cheerleader took to Twitter to reveal that James Huling is her boyfriend. In the tweet, Negrotti called out Huling for not having an iPhone so they can FaceTime, and said she begged him to get one so she can stalk him on social media. She also posted a text thread in which she called James “baby.”

James replied to the tweet by saying Nat put him on blast, and he later posted a pic of his brand new iPhone.

But this won’t just be a long distance relationship. The Big Brother lovebirds are set to reunite any day now, and James has promised fans a Periscope when he reunites with his Big Brother love.

Huling recently posted a photo of himself and Nat on Instagram, revealing that they are soulmates and that he can’t wait to see her a few days from now. James revealed that he and Natalie are on the phone with each other every night until 5 a.m., but she did one better by posting that she managed to keep him up until 7 a.m. one night. Talk about an all-nighter!



Fans have been skeptical about Negrotti’s intentions towards James, and live feed viewers saw fellow BB18 houseguests Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian talking about the fact that she was using James to further her Big Brother game. Indeed, Huling let his showmance get in the way of his Big Brother game, and it ended with a big blowout in which he accused Natalie of using him for her game. Huling ultimately made it to the BB Final 3, but Paulie Calafiore told Us Weekly, that it was obvious that Natalie was using James for her own game, and that she said multiple times that she only wants to be friends with Huling outside of the house.

“They do have genuine feelings, but as far as a relationship, she has stated multiple times that she has no interest in dating him and will only be friends,” Calafiore said.

Indeed, viewers didn’t see much Jatalie PDA while they were in the Big Brother house, but Negrotti has a good reason for that. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Nat said she wasn’t comfortable hooking up in front of CBS’ cameras.

“[My relationship with James] was very romantic, but I knew I was on TV and my family and friends are all watching, especially my little cousins and kids all around the world,” she said. “I wanted to kiss James and cuddle with him all the time but at the end of the day, I wanted to be careful with my actions. That was just not something I was comfortable enough doing on TV.”

Negrotti also revealed that Huling is everything she wants in a boyfriend, but she did point out that their long-distance situation is not ideal.

“He’s caring, he’s understanding, and he’s an all-around good guy with good character,” she told Us Weekly.

“He has the best character out of any guy I have ever met. I would love to be in a relationship with James. He is everything I look for in a partner…He is in Texas and I am in the Northeast. If we are compatible outside the house, it would be great to be in a relationship. If not, I am happy being friends.”

James Huling’s feelings towards Natalie have remained strong, and it appears that the feeling is mutual. Days after Big Brother ended, James posted a picture of his summertime showmance and wrote that he already misses her face. Huling also tweeted that he will be whatever Natalie wants him to be.

Take a look at the video below for more on James Huling and his Big Brother romance.

[Featured Image: CBS Big Brother/James Huling Facebook]