‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: If Not The Savior, Who Is Emma Swan? [Spoilers]

The first two episodes of Once Upon A Time Season 6 have revealed some big revelations. Last Sunday, Emma Swan, portrayed by Jennifer Morrison went to see Dr. Archie Hopper (Rafael Sbarge). During the conversation, Emma wondered – if she isn’t a Savior, then who is she? This question was significant and may hint at what is to come for the character in the next several episodes.

OUAT spoilers and theories are below. If you would prefer to remain spoiler-free, then do not continue reading.

Emma has received several shockers, and Once Upon A Time is only two episodes into Season 6. First, she had a vision of herself engaged in a sword fight with a hidden opponent. Next, Emma was told that she will die. The vanishing girl also claimed that, even if she changes her path, the end result will still be her death. Of course, let’s not forget about that strange side effect with her hand, Mr. Hyde’s cryptic chatter, the characters from the Land Of Untold Stories, and the Evil Queen showing up in Storybrooke.

While Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) escorted Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to a hiding place, Emma had her therapy session with Archie. Speaking about the vision, Dr. Hopper thought she should tell her loved ones. However, Emma didn’t want to do that because they would order her to stop being the Savior, which translates to not helping people anymore. Then, Emma made a statement that was quite significant:

“If I’m not the Savior, then who am I?”

The characters in Once Upon A Time often have lessons to learn and things that need to be explored. It seems that who Emma is if not the Savior might be one of them. As previously speculated by The Inquisitr, one theory is that Emma’s life will be saved if she quits “Saviorhood.” Perhaps what Emma learned about her future came because she is a Savior. If she quits, then is it possible that her death can be prevented? This speculation may be wrong, but it gives hope that Emma will survive Season 6.

Emma seems to be forgetting that being the Savior is just what she does. It isn’t who she is, and before coming to Storybrooke, she had a life and was her own person. Like every human being, Emma has several different parts that make her whole, unique, and what differentiates her from others. Maybe in Season 6, Emma will need to rediscover herself.

Prior to the season premiere, the executive producers teased what to expect with Lana Parrilla’s two characters, Regina Mills and the Evil Queen. The two are now separated, and it was initially thought that the Evil Queen would be pure wickedness while Regina would be all good. However, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz explained at Comic-Con that Regina was not cut in half. She simply took out one part of herself. It was also stated that this sort of thing was going to happen with all the characters, including Emma.

The synopsis for Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 3 was published by Spoiler TV. Even though there is no reference to Emma’s dilemma, a promo clip from ABC network reveals she will try to stop Cinderella (Jessy Schram) before she shoots her wicked stepsister.

“‘The Other Shoe’ – As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends, and even long-lost enemies are reunited once again. When Ashley (Cinderella) searches for her step-family, intent on settling their unfinished business, Emma, Hook, and Henry (Jared Gilmore) scramble to help her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Regina attempts to bribe Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer) for information about how to defeat the Evil Queen and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) helps Dr. Jekyll find a suitable laboratory for his work. David (Josh Dallas) makes a deal with Gold and delivers a message to Belle in exchange for new information about his father. In flashback, Cinderella attends a ball and meets her prince.”

What do you think is going to happen with Emma on Once Upon A Time? Will giving up being a Savior prevent her death even though she was told it was inevitable? Has she forgotten who she is because of what she does? Find out when the next episode of OUAT airs on October 9.

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