Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio Stabbed Prior To No-Showing AAA Event [Graphic Photos]

After not appearing for his scheduled bout for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) this past Sunday, Alberto El Patron (fka Alberto Del Rio) issued a graphic statement on Monday, showing he had been attacked.

The former WWE superstar claimed that shortly after he ate and was prepared to get on a flight last week, he was stabbed outside of a restaurant, suffering multiple lacerations. Below is the full statement, which appeared on all of El Patron’s social media accounts.

Mr. Rodriguez (“Alberto El Patron”) shortly after eating a meal before his flight was assaulted by a criminal with a knife outside the restaurant. Mr. Rodriguez suffered multiple lacerations on his arm and other parts of his body defending against the criminal as Police were called by witnesses. Mr. Rodriguez received medical attention and went back to the Police Department and was unable to make his flight. Mr. Rodriguez has spoken with the ownership of Lucha Libre AAA World Wide and given them documentation of the incident. Mr. Rodriguez greatly regrets not being there yesterday for his fans in Mexico and promises to everyone he will make this up as soon as possible. Despite the graphic lacerations Mr. Rodriguez will not miss any of his shows for the remainder of the year and is ready to compete this weekend in the UK.

In addition to the statement, El Patron posted graphic images of his lacerations.

As El Patron mentioned, he has spoken to AAA about the incident and missing Sunday’s event. The company issued the following statement — which has been translated from Spanish to English — regarding the incident:

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide has been officially notified of the incident. The victim was Alberto “El Patron,” and why he could not be present during the function of Heroes Immortals X, held yesterday in the city of Monterrey, N.L.

We deeply regret publicizing the plight of the victim, Alberto, who risked his health and personal integrity.

We wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he will soon be back in the ring to continue his successful career as one of the leading Mexican and international fighters.

Prior to El Patron issuing a statement, it was reported that he had simply no-showed another wrestling commitment. Last Sunday’s tag team would have featured El Patron teaming with Psycho Clown to face Dr. Wagner Jr. and Pagano in the main event. He even promoted the event on his social media up until Thursday, when he went silent for several days prior to Monday’s statement.

There were reports that El Patron had been spotted in the Orlando area, leading to speculation that he was poised to debut for TNA at Sunday’s Bound for Glory event. However, when El Patron did not appear for TNA, AAA had little reason to doubt El Patron had skipped the show for any other reason than that he had simply decided not to go. They put out this statement — also translated — about El Patron.

Lucha Libre AAA WorldWide announced that, for reasons outside the company, Alberto “El Patron” was not present for the function of Heroes Immortals X, which took just this afternoon. This despite having confirmed his attendance for the event in advance and even this morning.

We regret the lack of commitment from Alberto, as he fails the Mexican public that has supported him throughout his career, turning him into one of the leading figures of wrestling in Mexico and internationally.

For Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, it is important to offer the best shows of international quality, in addition to strengthening the Mexican wrestling that is the best in the world and is a fundamental part of the culture of our country.

As Chris Featherstone of SportsKeeda wrote, the last time El Patron worked for AAA, he refused to drop their top Championship when he re-signed with WWE in October 2015. The article also mentions El Patron’s brief stint in Lucha Underground, where he decided not to return to the promotion, co-owned by AAA, due to creative issues.

However, this time, El Patron’s absence is documented, and his well-being has been confirmed.

[Featured Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images]