Taylor Swift Humiliated By Calvin Harris In New Song

Taylor Swift is known for writing devastating and sometimes humiliating breakup songs about her ex-boyfriends, according to the Daily Mail. But the 26-year-old “Shake It Off” singer certainly didn’t expect her ex Calvin Harris to throw shade at her in his new song.

Harris just did to Taylor Swift exactly what she has done to others for years, and social media went crazy about it. It took the DJ-producer nearly three months to respond to his summer breakup with the “Blank Space” singer through lyrics.

And just when everyone thought he had forgotten about Taylor Swift, he released his new track “My Way,” in which he sings about the “two-faced” ex and how he feels “removed,” adding that “you” (referring to Swift, clearly) “are the only thing in my way.”

Apparently, Harris doesn’t want it to end amicably, so he decided to release a heartbreak song about Taylor Swift, which one Twitter user noted is “quite a painful listen.”

“I made my move, and it was all about you. I feel so far removed. You are the one thing in my way.”

It wouldn’t be such a big thing if Harris and Taylor Swift simply broke up. But the “Shake It Off” singer decided to amp up the hard feelings by announcing her romance with Thor star Tom Hiddleston just two weeks after the breakup with the DJ/producer.

However, Taylor Swift and Hiddleston split last month. It took them less than three months of dating to realize they don’t belong together. But neither Swift nor Hiddleston has thrown shade at the other after the breakup.

Taylor Swift may refer to her relationship with the Thor star in one of her future songs, though. The problem in their relationship, as one of the sources close to Swift told Us Weekly, was that they struggled to maintain a long-distance relationship.

But other sources claimed it was Hiddleston who decided to go separate ways with Taylor Swift because he was “tired” of dating her. In that case, Swift will almost surely throw shade at the actor in the lyrics to one of her future songs.

Meanwhile, Harris is rumored to be dating Jennifer Lopez, who has two children. And although the rumored relationship has not been confirmed, even if Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend has moved on with a new relationship, it was nevertheless a difficult summer for both Harris and Taylor Swift, according to Elle magazine.

They were still together in early June, then they broke up later that month, then two weeks later Taylor Swift started dating Tom Hiddleston while Harris started posting mean tweets about the “Blank Space” singer. And not long after, Taylor Swift ended her brand-new relationship with Hiddleston.

Interestingly, it was Harris who kept their split in the headlines for weeks after they went their separate ways in June. First, he complained on Twitter that Taylor Swift took all the credit for his summer hit “This Is What You Came For,” featuring Rihanna.

Then he wrote and released a Hiddleswift song and posted a few Instagram comments claiming that Taylor Swift is controlling the social media narrative of their split. In one of his tweets, Harris said Swift should focus on her relationship with Hiddleston instead of trying to tear him down.

“I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it.”

Last month, Harris also made headlines during his speech at the VMAs for not mentioning Taylor Swift while accepting the Best Male Video award for “This Is What You Came For,” which was co-written by Swift.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]