Bill O’Reilly Says People Are Voting Against Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump

Bill O’Reilly began The O’Reilly Factor Monday evening by summarizing what is happening with an election where both candidates aren’t viewed as favorable by the majority of voters. There’s not much excitement for what one candidate can do. Instead, there’s hope that one will prevent the other from causing less damage to the country if elected. O’Reilly summarized a recent Fox News poll that showed 57 percent of people are voting for one candidate due to fear of the other candidate being elected.

“His [Donald Trump’s] problems with voters originate in two areas: First, his business background is not compatible with politics. Business people like Trump and — to an extent — Mitt Romney before him maximize profits and promote their products in flamboyant ways. Both of those things can be exploited politically.”

Bill O’Reilly gives a recent New York Times article as an example. He notes that when the newspaper reported that Trump took a $900M+ tax loss back in 1995, they do so in an accusatory way. But almost any corporation would do the same thing. However, O’Reilly believes this can still hurt Trump politically.

Bill O'Reilly Donald Trump
Two nights before the final debate, Bill O'Reilly said that Trump still had a chance. [Image by Randy Holmes/Getty Images]

“Fair-minded people can look at it in two ways — that Trump is gaming the system because he’s not upfront about his tax returns, or that he is to be admired for taking losses and then turning his companies around.”

Then, Bill O’Reilly talked about Donald Trump’s problem with women. He thinks the issue over former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is contrived. He notes Machado can’t stand Donald Trump and signed on with the Clinton campaign to smear him. He noted that in the 1990s, Donald Trump took her to the gym in order to get attention — and it worked back then. Now, it makes him vulnerable.

O’Reilly didn’t waste all of his criticism on Trump. He said that her main problem stems from the perception that she does not tell the truth. Bill brought up the emails, Benghazi, and Whitewater.

“Clinton is smart to play down those questions. She will never win on that front. But in order to get away from the perception that she’s not an honest person, she must convince Americans that she is really looking out for them,” O’Reilly states before suggesting that she speak to people through interviews — something which she hasn’t done much of lately.

Is Hillary Clinton's personality turning off voters? Bill O'Reilly thinks so. [Image by Scott Eisen /Getty Images]

Bill O’Reilly also says that Hillary Clinton has a personality quirk, which she showed during last week’s debate. He thinks Hillary gloats too much and used a clip of Hillary bragging about her debate performance at a rally.

“If Hillary wants to be president, she needs to back away from “it’s all about me and make it “all about us,” Mr. O’Reilly concludes.

But Hillary may have a lot more to worry about. According to Heatstreet, Julian Assange may appear by video on Tuesday to make an “announcement.”

There had been widespread anticipating that Tuesday’s announcement might have been Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton. Assange appeared on Fox News last month, repeating his assertion that WikiLeaks has damaging documents on Clinton and suggested WikiLeaks may soon release teasers.

The article adds that Clinton’s opponents hope that Assange is going to release an October surprise that has damaging information and can inflict a mortal wound on her campaign. As Bill O’Reilly said many times on his show, this has become the nastiest election in recent history.

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