Police: Newborn Twins Violently Choked By Mother

A pair of newborn twins are recovering from what police are calling a violent assault at the hands of their own mother. PIX 11 News reports that 25-year-old Faith Edohen has been arrested in association with a disturbing incident that took place on Monday morning.

Police in Newark, New Jersey say that they responded to the home inhabited by Edohen at around 11:05 a.m., Monday morning. Once inside the home, they say that the New Jersey mother had both of her twin children in a “choke-hold position,” which was inhibiting their ability to breathe.

A struggle between Faith Edohen and police reportedly ensued, which allegedly caused her to tighten her grip around the 8-week-old newborn babies. Police say that she began “swinging the children around violently as they struggled to breathe,” at the time of the incident. Fortunately, authorities were able to wrestle the children from the grips of their own mother before the situation could become any worse. The twin babies, who are reportedly premature, were transported to University Hospital for treatment, along with the New Jersey mom accused of choking them. However, no news reports are clarifying on why Edohen needed medical treatment.

This is not the first time someone has been arrested for allegedly choking children, with many cases ending horribly for the kids involved. Earlier this year, an Alaska mom was arrested for choking her 4-month-old daughter to death with a knit cap. NBC News 2 reported in July that 22-year-old Nina Alexie killed the baby to silence her crying. Unfortunately, this seems to be a motive behind many incidents of child abuse and murder at the hands of a parent.

Also this year, a Pennsylvania mom was arrested when she allegedly choked her 11-year-old son, who was trying to intervene with her abusing his toddler sister. The Daily Mail reported in February that Heather Michelle Hall also allegedly spat at officers who arrested her at the time of the incident. The 11-year-old victim in the incident told authorities that his mom didn’t want his 2-year-old sister anymore, so she tried to throw her outside in the snow. When he tried to stop her from doing this, the 35-year-old woman allegedly choked him. At the time of the incident, temperatures reached as low as 15 degrees, with approximately six inches of snow on the ground. The 2-year-old girl could have died of exposure if the woman had been successful at what she was accused of attempting.

Last year, police in London went on the hunt for a woman who was seen on CCTV video choking the baby of a total stranger. The Inquisitr reported that the woman attacked the 1-year-old infant, to the horror of the mother and others who allegedly witnessed it.

As for this latest case, police in New Jersey have charged 25-year-old Faith Edohen with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The children are reportedly in stable condition at University Hospital, with no new updates on their condition in any reports. At this time, it is not known if the two newborn babies have been removed from the mother’s custody or if any child or family services are investigating the alleged incident.

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